Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remembering Gabby's Preschool Graduation

It was almost the same week last year when Gabby graduated from Preparatory School. He’s now in Grade 1 and come June, he’ll be in Grade 2. How time flies!

But before it flies again with some of my memories of Gabby’s preschool years, let me share with you his pics on all of his moving-up rites in preschool.

Gabby was very shy when he entered Nursery. He only knew the alphabet, numbers 1-10 and animal names.

He was more confident on his Kindergarten year. He learned so much in so little time! He made me proud by being the third honorable mention in his class.

Gabby graduated from preschool last year with flying colors! He was the class valedictorian! To think I was still working then and I wasn't able to teach him regularly. We couldn’t have been happier that time. Fred and I were two proud parents!

This was Gabby and Sunday after their graduation last year. Sunday also attended her moving up exercises. She “graduated” from Nursery to Kinder. Gabby received his Best in Science, Best in English, Best in Spelling and another award I forgot which was for!

Time really flies, and how fast for doting moms (or dads) like us! I just hope that I will have all the energy, love and affection in the world to let my kids know that I’m always there for them, with awards or none! :)

Happy Graduation to all your kids who will graduate this March or April! Congratulations, too!


SASSY MOM said...

Very bright kid you got there. It's nice to see them value excellence at a very young age. Kudos to you, Mommy!

Beng said...

Wow! look a like mo yung kids mo!

Chris said...

galing!! you got a very bright kid talaga. you are blessed!

Tita Beng said...

Gabby probably doesn't know how he made his mom and dad extremely happy by his very young achievements. Ang sarap naman talaga ng feeling pag achiever ang anak di ba? Ano ba sya, a Doctor in the making or an Engineer? Baka naman Lawyer! Congratulations to you and your hubby for rearing up such a smart kid as Gabby! Hugs for the li'l boy!
Cute ng mga kids mo, Beth!

Reena said...


PinayWAHM said...

Woo hoo! Congrats sa inyo ng hubby mo for raising 2 bright little ones. And congrats to the little ones of course.


Elizabeth said...

Sassy Mom: Thanks S! Maybe because he loves books a lot! :)

Beng: Kmukha ko lang ung girl, the son takes after the hubby. :)

Chris: Thanks, oo blessing talaga un! :)

Ate Beng: Bka Engineer to Ate Beng, e. Hilig magconstruct ng kung ano ano sa Lego niya. :) Ayoko sana magmana sa min na maging graphic designer din, pero kung un din ang gusto niya someday, o siya sige na nga.... :)

Reena: thanks too!

J: Thanks J! last year pa naman yan e, pero siympre, I still feel the happiness naman :)

Madz said...

Ang cucute nman ng dalaga't binata natin Beth, uummmm you must be a very lucky mom huh, of having a very clever kid!

Eds said...

Wow! Ang dami naman ng medal nya ha infairness very bright cya lang mommy noh hehe :)

Congrats sis! :)

Clarissa said...

Congratulations to Gabby!!Ang galing!!No wonder,nagmana cya sa yo!!

Elizabeth said...

Madz and Eds: Thanks ha? SIge na nga, bka mana sa kin pero kmukha naman ng Daddy kya gwapito din! :)

Clarissa: Hahaha, para lang magkroon ako ng part sa son ko, sige na nga, akuin ko muna na nagmana siya sa kin, pero kmukha naman ng Daddy niya kaya fair na... ;)

Evan's Mom said...

You're blessed with two lovely kids mommy. And congrats to Gaby, he's a talented young boy.

Mom of Four said...

Ang parents yata, it doesn't matter kung ang kids eh matalino or not, basta mahal natin sila may award man or wala, and we're proud of our kids all the time.

I want to congratulate you and your hubby for being such wonderful parents to Gabby and Sunday. They are very lucky for having you as their Mom and Dad. Take care

Twinkie said...

Woot! Congratulations Gabby and Sunday! I can imagine how proud you were... Aw! Ang taray Mommy! Partida pa pala yun. :D

Hay, dito alang ganyang klaseng recognition day. Nuninuninuni...