Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paradizoo Theme Farm

One of the itinerary of my kids’ field trip is Paradizoo, a 10-hectare theme farm in Mendez, Cavite.

Paradizoo entrance Photo source

I only saw and knew about it thru their flyers. And I was happy that finally, I was able to visit it last Thursday. Prior to going there, I searched for it in the internet to check what animals I might see. The search told me that Paradizoo has llamas, pigs, deer, sheep, ostriches, miniature horses—and a five-legged cow. It also has a butterfly farm, greenhouses, a honeybee farm, and a pet cemetery. There is also a cafĂ© and a souvenir shop. I wasn’t able to explore the house that can accommodate guests who wish to stay overnight. It was too hot that day.

Sunday enjoyed feeding the ponies.

Guests can buy a string of grass to feed the animals for P10,
which you can feed then to these hungry but lovely animals.

Milk for sale for baby goats.

The kids have a good time feeding the hungry kids (young goats).

A pet cemetery for your beloved Fluffy

A butterfly farm

A honeybee farm

Kids listen to a short lecture on the life cycle of bees
and its importance to nature.

A souvenir shop for guests. Warning though: The items there
are priced a bit higher than in souvenir shops in Metro Manila.

Gabby and Sunday enjoying the toys they bought
at the souvenir shop.

PS: Accompanying my kids in their field trip is included in my to-do list for September. I'm so glad I enjoyed it. More of the itinerary on my next posts. :)


Raft3r said...

hungry but lovely animals
parang si raft3r lang, ah

happy sunday, beth!!!

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Beth. Thank you for sharing this. The Philippines needs beautiful zoos like this one. Haven't heard about this while I am still in the Philippines. Hopefully, I can visit it on my next visit.

Have a great day!

Beth said...

@Rafter: Hehehe, lovely naman talaga sila e. Lalo na un camel. Super beautiful ng eyes! :)

@Maxi: Maganda dun sa Paradizoo, I just don't have enough time to explore. :) Thanks too for the visit.

Tita Beng said...

I learned about Paradizoo only today when we passed by the place and noticed the many vehicles parked and the too many people hanging around. Got curious and found out it's Paradizoo through the huge sign board along the road. I'm sure it's another valuable experience for your two kiddos. Looks like they enjoy feeding the animals.

I hope you had a great weekend Beth!

Chris said...

i am glad you had a great time with your kids! :D

Enchie said...

Hi Beth! How are you? I wish to visit this Zoo soon. It's an interactive place for the children, I'm sure my son will enjoy it too.

Clarissa said...

My kids had their first camel ride when we went to Animal Kingdom here--they love it so much daw!Dapat ako rin sasakay kaya lang merong weight limit,hinde ako kaya lol!
Haven't tried visiting zoo's there,buti na lang nasa ere tayo kaya kahit nasa pictures lang parang nakarating na rin tayo^_^

Dhemz said...

oh my gosh...ang saya-saya naman....the kids looks like they're having a blast....:)

Beth said...

@Enchie: Yes, I'm sure Franky will enjoy it too!

@Clarissa: Hehehe, palagay ko khit ako hanggang tingin na lang sa camel na namention mo. Ambigat ko yata!

@Dhemz: Yes, they enjoyed it. Thanks for the unexpected visit! :)

Beth said...

@Ate Beng: Yes, try visiting it when you have time, dami din plants na noon ko lang nkita :)

@Chris: Yes, I enjoyed my time with them! :) Thanks for the visit! :)