Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dreaming of Living on the Mountains

My job sometimes requires that I visit new projects and property developments. And I love that! I always want to visit new places even if they’re just within or just on the outskirts of Metro Manila.

We went first to Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal last month. I fell in love with the place that I wished I had enough money to buy a property there! A well-known and headline-hogging female celebrity already bought a house and lot there.

We were there early but we already saw bikers heading to Timberland Sports and Nature Club. TSNC offers challenging trails for runners and bikers. I later knew that even non-residents of Timberland Heights and non-members of TSNC can bike or run there. They just have to surrender IDs. I forgot to ask if there is a fee.

Timberland Heights offers lots for hobby farming and gardening. I was able to visit its Agroforestry Center and dropped by the butterfly house and agricultural crop gardens.

I like this Produce Market! The vegetables and fruits sold there are organically-grown! :)

This is one of the sights that bikers and runners enjoy on their trail. All green! :)

We then headed to Timberland Sports and Nature Club which I saw first on GMA 7's Jessica Soho Reports. I was so amazed with its amenities but was appalled by its exorbitant membership fee only to find out later that its developers have good reasons for that. Club members get what they pay for! TSNC offers world-class health and leisure facilities, including a biking and hiking trail.

TSNC offers a panoramic view of the city. I just can't believe I have seen what was featured on Jessica Soho's magazine program.

I didn't dream of swimming in this horizon-edge pool when I saw it on TV. Seeing the pool and the views was enough to take my breath away for a while. :)

We were able to check on other facilities which include food and beverage outlets, children's playground and library, wall climbing area and basketball courts, spa and fitness, etc. To check on them, you may want to visit their website.

By the way, I still dream of living there. I still dream of having a garden beside my house, and a view of the city at night. Have a happy week ahead! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Once Upon A Summer

I know we have an extended summer this year. It should've been raining these days but it's still deliriously hot especially at noon. I remember when I was younger, my favorite months of the year were July until October: obviously rainy months! But when I had kids, and I knew the inconveniences the rain brings, I began to dislike it. Rainy season is flu season. It's also flood season and no-malling-on-weekends season! :) So before it rains, let me share with you our pictures one fine summer.

My SIL and his family checked in at Sofitel and invited us to come over last April. Gabby and Sunday really liked to swim so we let them. They had so much fun that they visited their aunt almost every other day during their almost a month stay there.
Gabby and Sunday swimming and having a good time...

...while Fred and I relaxing while keeping an eye on them:)

A view of the hotel's swimming pool from the room

Manila Bay

Buildings along Roxas Boulevard

My unconscious change of choice from rainy months to sunny months maybe has something to do with my new disposition in life. While summer brings good times and good memories, rain sometimes connotes sadness and gloom. And I don't want to entertain sadness these days. So I'm choosing summer! And I choose happiness today! :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My First Marathon

I've always wanted to run. I believe it cleanses our mind and body. And I always wanted to help others. So when the chance to do both came, I didn't hesitate and joined the 34th National Milo Marathon.
This year, Milo thought of giving underprivileged children running shoes. Every time a runner joins, P5 will be allotted to the cause. And in return, Milo will donate an equivalent amount to the total amount raised. So joining this race is one worthy way of losing weight and helping others at the same time!

Since I'm just a newbie runner, I signed up for 5K. I wasn't really sure if I would be able finish it because there are curfews for all distances. But I challenged myself and pushed on with the race.
my Milo singlet and number

Me with my officemates before the race

After worrying that I won't be able to finish the race
because of a side stitch after reaching 2.5K, the finish line was just a sight to see!

I didn't line up for the free Milo drinks for runners. I'm tired! :)

This is one or a hundred case of missing bags!
Tip for future marathon runners:
1. Bring a bag with a design or color that's easy to distinguish.
A polka dot or an all-yellow bag will do!
2. Bring a belt bag with compartments for cellphone and water bottle.
3. Or better yet, don't bring any bag at all! :)

It's good to know that the weather participated. It didn't rain! :)

Me after the race. Tired but happy that I accomplished something! :)

I will try to join other races when I have the chance. But for now, I'll just rest and maybe take ibuprofen for my aching muscles! Have a happy week ahead!