Sunday, July 4, 2010

My First Marathon

I've always wanted to run. I believe it cleanses our mind and body. And I always wanted to help others. So when the chance to do both came, I didn't hesitate and joined the 34th National Milo Marathon.
This year, Milo thought of giving underprivileged children running shoes. Every time a runner joins, P5 will be allotted to the cause. And in return, Milo will donate an equivalent amount to the total amount raised. So joining this race is one worthy way of losing weight and helping others at the same time!

Since I'm just a newbie runner, I signed up for 5K. I wasn't really sure if I would be able finish it because there are curfews for all distances. But I challenged myself and pushed on with the race.
my Milo singlet and number

Me with my officemates before the race

After worrying that I won't be able to finish the race
because of a side stitch after reaching 2.5K, the finish line was just a sight to see!

I didn't line up for the free Milo drinks for runners. I'm tired! :)

This is one or a hundred case of missing bags!
Tip for future marathon runners:
1. Bring a bag with a design or color that's easy to distinguish.
A polka dot or an all-yellow bag will do!
2. Bring a belt bag with compartments for cellphone and water bottle.
3. Or better yet, don't bring any bag at all! :)

It's good to know that the weather participated. It didn't rain! :)

Me after the race. Tired but happy that I accomplished something! :)

I will try to join other races when I have the chance. But for now, I'll just rest and maybe take ibuprofen for my aching muscles! Have a happy week ahead!


Chris said...

wow, i dream of joining a marathon someday :)

Chris said...

i have an award for you

♥peachkins♥ said...

wow! I've never thought of joining a marathon.Maybe because I'm not really athletic..

BTW, I have an award for you beth. Just drop by my blog to grab it.

Enchie said...

Galing! I'm proud of you... Sana may extra time din ako to join activities such as this one. A good pat on the back Beth!

Mylene said...

Haven't join any marathon yet. I wish I can also join someday. Congratulations Mommy. You've really did a great job :)


Clarissa said...

I'm so proud of you,Mommy Beth!That's a good cause--accomplishing something and at the same time,nakatulong ka pa sa kapwa mo.
Thumbs up for that!^_^

jeng said...

Way to go Mommy Beth! Thanks for the drop. I'm doing fine. Still working at home, pero ngayon may school boy na kami. ; )

Mommy Liz said...

Good for you!!! ako di pwedeng sumali sa mga ganyan, di ako makatakbo, hayy!

Tita Beng said...

Hello Beth! Salbaheng side stitch yan! I understand it's quite disappointing not having reached the finish line which was a hand's reach away. But thinking it over, it's already a valuable accomplishment for a neophyte runner. 'Kapagod kaya
tumakbo! Di bale, you were able to help unprivileged children naman eh!

Always keep smilin'! Take care!

nuts said...

dami benefits talaga! i wanna run too!! Congrats!!

Ria said...

Keep doing that and you'll surely burn those fats...believe me :)

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