Friday, July 9, 2010

Once Upon A Summer

I know we have an extended summer this year. It should've been raining these days but it's still deliriously hot especially at noon. I remember when I was younger, my favorite months of the year were July until October: obviously rainy months! But when I had kids, and I knew the inconveniences the rain brings, I began to dislike it. Rainy season is flu season. It's also flood season and no-malling-on-weekends season! :) So before it rains, let me share with you our pictures one fine summer.

My SIL and his family checked in at Sofitel and invited us to come over last April. Gabby and Sunday really liked to swim so we let them. They had so much fun that they visited their aunt almost every other day during their almost a month stay there.
Gabby and Sunday swimming and having a good time...

...while Fred and I relaxing while keeping an eye on them:)

A view of the hotel's swimming pool from the room

Manila Bay

Buildings along Roxas Boulevard

My unconscious change of choice from rainy months to sunny months maybe has something to do with my new disposition in life. While summer brings good times and good memories, rain sometimes connotes sadness and gloom. And I don't want to entertain sadness these days. So I'm choosing summer! And I choose happiness today! :)


Raft3r said...

masarap talaga dyan

happy weekend, beth!

Chris said...

nice view from above :D

♥peachkins♥ said...

Sana makapag-check-in din kami dyan. Alam mo I thought I was going to see you again at the J&J event.

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Tetcha said...

That was a nice and relaxing stay at Sofitel. It provided a very good view of the outside world, too. I love the pics of the hotel pool from your room, lovely!

Raft3r said...

May kuryente naba sanyo?
Ingat, Beth.

Mrs. Kolca said...

Sofitel! Nice place for dining and relaxing.

Hi sis! Bloghopping here. Hope you visit me back to check my Victoria Secret giveaway. It is already up at Pink MagaLine. Enter for a chance to win. Joining is very easy. Just follow and drop a comment. It’s open internationally. See ya there :D

ppp said...

ang ganda ng aura nyo mag asawa dito, medyo nakaka relaks ano.

Tita Beng said...

What a breathtaking view of the bay and the pool.

Musta ka na Beth?

Faye said...

nice!:) Looking at the photos made me feel so excited to have a vacation, I miss Manila!:)