Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Biggest Burger in Town!

My work in the Marketing Department of one of the country's well-known real estate companies drains my energy and stresses me out most of the time. When I received my bonus and 13th month pay, I decided to reward myself for all my hard work and I thought that  a once-in-a-while splurging won't hurt my budget.

My officemates and I decided to go somewhere we haven't been before. Cherel, our copywriter, is fond of reading food blogs and read about the biggest burger in town that Bar One is famous for. We went there after office hours not expecting too much. It is located at the fourth floor of Holiday Inn Galleria Manila in Ortigas. I haven't been to that part of Robinson's Galleria. And going there is already a first for me.

You will be greeted by this ceiling to floor poster

at the entrance of Bar One, enticing you to come in and try the burger!
Rowel, my co-graphic designer, act surprised (with the menu prices?!)
while we were still waiting for our order.

Our biggest burger! Really prepared for sharing! :)
This burger can feed eight people, so at P850++, this is reasonably priced!
Ha ha ha! Though we're really hungry, we managed
to pose like this before eating!
Cherel and Choi, our copywriter and my co-graphic designer,
with their slice of the burger.
The live band #X 80's, which we didn't know will perform that night, was a plu.

I went home a bit late and with another slice of the burger for take home which Gabby ate as soon as he saw it! Indeed, once-in-a-while eating out can really take the stress out of our system sometimes. And I'm glad I tried it. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Day before Christmas

Gabby and Sunday had fun last night! They attended the Family Day thrown by the company I was presently employed at. Almost all of my officemates at our department brought their kids and those who are still single just enjoyed the night.
Gabby and Sunday before the party
Sunday enjoying and hoarding the balloons?!
Gabby with my officemates' kids
Fred was so proud of Gabby that night because our son
just enjoyed the party. He danced, joined and won games and
didn't fight with Sunday! :)
Me and the kids while eating
Kids listening to the emcee's instructions for the game
For the finale, Chuckie, KFC's mascot,
danced to the tune of Nobody by the Wonder Girls.

If Gabby and Sunday were happy because they attended the Family Day, I was happier! I am happy because we don't work Saturdays at the office and there are company events like this that let me bond with my kids. Thank God for this! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

One Sweet Saturday

When I knew from Cherel, our copywriter, that 24 Best Desserts will be held at the Atrium of the SM Mall of Asia, I decided to buy my gift for the company's Kris Kringle there so I can drop by and check on the desserts, too. I love desserts and all things sweet!

Since I came late, I didn't know if the desserts that were on display were the ones created by Unilever Food Solutions Chefs Joanne Limoanco and Ryan Lastra and FCAP members. What I know is they all look yummy!!!
Coconut Custard Crumble
Merry Berry Pannacotta
I forgot to check the name of this dessert!
Banana and Sago Pannacotta
Sapin sapin Pannacotta
Terky Coffee Pannacotta
I also forgot the name of this :(

There was a cocktail on the later part of the event, but since I was in a hurry, I only got to taste the chocolate cake from Kitchen's Best. Yummy!!!

Have a happy week ahead! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eat and Go: and that's just what we did!

One of the fun-filled parts of working again is having the resources and chances to visit new places or try new foods.

And that’s what I did last week. Though eating out after office hours with my officemates was an impromptu decision that may make a dent on my budget and add another pound on my weight, off we still went to Eat and Go at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong.
   I didn't want to order anything heavy but the menu was so inviting that I ended up ordering pasta! :(

The place isn't that big but just welcoming enough
to talk with friends or eat out with your loved ones.
The food on the menu boards are inviting, too!
What I ordered: Seafood Marinara
Seafood Marinara, Corn and Carrots, Salmon Steak
for Cherell, our department's copywriter :)
Spaghetti in White Sauce, Baby Back Ribs and
This is what I enjoyed most: Fudgee Ice Cream! It's so yummy!!!

Corn and Carrots for Choi, one of my co-graphic designers.

My officemates really love to eat. And so do I! We’re planning of dining out at least once a month after this. One of my officemates even came up with the idea of setting up a blog with all of us contributing our gastronomic exploits.

I will be sharing them with you here for the meantime. Have a happy Wednesday! :)