Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Day Off!

Being a working mom, I tend to get stressed out. The deadline of projects, errands to run, bills to pay and some domestic related matters sometimes, if not always, drain my energy. I can even hear my body shout, “Time Out!”

I believe all moms should have a day off. Or an hour or two off, every week. It’s when you just go out, do what you want to do, or just relax.

Sometime last April, when my sister-in-law and her family stayed at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, I took the chance to check out on Le Spa. I used their facilities, as my SIL’s guest, and tried the jacuzzi and sauna. It was such an experience! The warmth of the water and the gentle back massages it gave relaxed me. The sauna was also relaxing and cleansing. Just like taking your mind off from worries, even for just a moment.

Sauna and jacuzzi of Le Spa

That spa moment had its part two after just a week. Fred and I went to Wensha Spa in Pasay. When I saw that the jacuzzi was kind of crowded, I opted for the massage. The therapist was very good. She hit all the right aching spots and gently eased the tensed nerves. The service was so good that I forgot what type of massage she used on me. I believe it’s Swedish massage. The peppermint oil was so calming that I almost dozed off!

Fred and I eating after the massage. The food was free!

Seriously liking the idea of relaxation, I will now make it part of my regimen. Be it at the comfort of my home, or the massage beds or chairs of a spa, relaxation should help me manage stress and balance work and family life. Day off, anyone? :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Hops and Stops

Classes began today for most of the schools here. But my kids’ classes began last week. I kind of worried because they might not have enjoyed the vacation that much. But from the number of places they went to last summer, I believe they had enough of it!

We went to Bagac, Bataan last April. The kids had so much fun because we went island-hopping! Let me share with you some highlights of that impromptu trip.

Prior to going there, I searched online for some good beach resorts. I even called their offices to ask for rates and amenities. But they all said that they were already fully-booked. I was discouraged but we decided to still push through with the plan. Our being adventurous paid off. We found Sun Spree Beach Resort just beside all the resorts I called up the day before! And they're not "densely populated" by beach hoppers! :)

Sun Spree Beach Resort in Bagac, Bataan: the owners are just so friendly and accommodating!
Gabby and Sunday loved this beach!
Beach outings will not be complete without anything inihaw and fresh fruits!
My first time to catch and hold a jellyfish! Too bad it died immediately. Sorry, jellyfish! :(
During the island hopping, the boatmen asked if we want to go to a cave, and we said yes!
So he brought us here, one of the many caves found along Bagac shoreline.
One of the last stops of the island hopping was this unnamed cove. I wanted to spend the night there
because the place was so beautiful but the boatmen warned us that the place has no electricity
and clean water yet. If only I have enough money, I would buy a portion of this cove and build my resthouse! :)

I believe the kids had fun last summer. Fred and I had, too! :)

Go Wireless and Go Online Fast

I was absent from blogging for months because I had to attend to many things. But I am always online and I always check other blogs which I love to read. Good thing I have fast internet connection here in our house. While some online friends complain of slow internet connection, I don’t. I’m using a reliable internet provider. Maybe they are using routers like the wireless n router. I’m so glad they do!

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Beginnings, New Post!

So many things have happened since my post last February. Some made me so sad (really!) and some made me glad. I will tell about them on my next posts.

But right now, we have a new president! But honestly, I didn't vote for him.

Even though I was so sure that President-elect Noynoy will win in last May's election, I still voted for Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro. I believe in his ideas and convictions. Though I don't agree with some of his proposed education programs, especially the adding of another two years in primary education, I still thought Gibo's experience and intellect will make him lead the country better.

But the people of the Philippines have spoken. Noynoy won. And as I always believe, everything happens for a reason. Now, I would like to also believe and pray for God's guidance for Noynoy. That's the best any citizen of any country can do: pray for the government and its leaders.

7-11 election cups

Sometime early this year, 7-11 came up with 7-elections, an unofficial voter's poll that lets customers choose their candidates based on the color of Gulp cups. If only Comelec checked these cups from 7-11 months before the election, they would have known earlier who won. Obviously, it's Noynoy. :)

PS: Thanks so much to those who always visit and ask how I am. I really appreciate it! :)