Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekend Runs in SM Mall of Asia in Pasay

My first weekend run for September was in CCP Complex. For the two Saturdays that followed, I opted to explore SM Mall of Asia and see how it looks like in early morning.
It took a lot of will power to get up early as I believe Saturday is rest day for a working mom like me. But I had to get up and push myself to run, or even brisk walk.
The first Saturday, I ran and walked 3K. But the next Saturday, I just brisk-walked because I felt a slight pain in my knee. Old age, maybe? But since it was just walking, I made sure that I walked 5K. I knew about the distance by mapping it in MapMyRun. Using the site's map plotter, I know beforehand how far I would run or walk. I can even use their Training Log to check on how much calories I burn. Useful site, really!
Anyway, here is SM Mall of Asia hours before the mall opens:
I started my run from this bridge (Libertad Channel) in Macapagal Avenue in Pasay City

Breakwater near SM Mall of Asia

I didn't notice this zigzag design until last Sept. 18.
Maybe because we're always here on night time.

SM Mall of Asia fronting the sea

San Miguel by the Bay signage

MOA fountain with early birds

MOA ground is already alive even before 8 a.m.

Women, and a few men, join this cardio class.
Later, a woman with a bag asks for donations to sustain the class, which isn't bad. If they only knew how they help women lose fats or tone their bodies. :)

On my way home, I passed by Microtel.

Finally, the iconic globe. Time to go home!

I'm glad I was able to fulfill my weekend runs in my to-do list for September. Care to join me in my runs and walks? :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paradizoo Theme Farm

One of the itinerary of my kids’ field trip is Paradizoo, a 10-hectare theme farm in Mendez, Cavite.

Paradizoo entrance Photo source

I only saw and knew about it thru their flyers. And I was happy that finally, I was able to visit it last Thursday. Prior to going there, I searched for it in the internet to check what animals I might see. The search told me that Paradizoo has llamas, pigs, deer, sheep, ostriches, miniature horses—and a five-legged cow. It also has a butterfly farm, greenhouses, a honeybee farm, and a pet cemetery. There is also a cafĂ© and a souvenir shop. I wasn’t able to explore the house that can accommodate guests who wish to stay overnight. It was too hot that day.

Sunday enjoyed feeding the ponies.

Guests can buy a string of grass to feed the animals for P10,
which you can feed then to these hungry but lovely animals.

Milk for sale for baby goats.

The kids have a good time feeding the hungry kids (young goats).

A pet cemetery for your beloved Fluffy

A butterfly farm

A honeybee farm

Kids listen to a short lecture on the life cycle of bees
and its importance to nature.

A souvenir shop for guests. Warning though: The items there
are priced a bit higher than in souvenir shops in Metro Manila.

Gabby and Sunday enjoying the toys they bought
at the souvenir shop.

PS: Accompanying my kids in their field trip is included in my to-do list for September. I'm so glad I enjoyed it. More of the itinerary on my next posts. :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy Saturday!

Saturday was a busy day for me.

After running early in the morning, I brought the kids to Mommy Academy’s 38th Pedia Talk Live held at Dusit Thani in Makati. I attended several of their seminars before but I decided to try this one again since MA cooked up a small party for the kids, which is a clever way to divert the kids’ attention while the moms are on the seminar.
1. The Pedia Talk Live 2. Me trying out one of the products at the booths
3. Gabby and Sunday at the party 4. Party for kids aged 3

Sadly, I already know most of what was discussed. So I went to the room where Gabby and Sunday were and just watched the puppet show and the children’s games. We left before 11am or maybe minutes before the food is served.

After eating lunch at Wendy’s just across Dusit, we proceeded to SM Mall of Asia to check the books at the 31st Manila International Book Fair. I believe I succeeded in producing bookworms. Gabby and Sunday now love books as much as they love ice cream!

Gabby and Sunday checking out the books
and having fun with the skeleton display

Simultaneous with the book fair was the Super Kids 2010 held at the 3rd Level of SMX. Super Kids is a trade fair that showcased consumer and trade products and services in child care, parenting, education, and other child development needs. Gabby and Sunday had so much fun! I just wish there will be another Super Kids event next year.
Gabby and Sunday like the Lego and other educational toys
at Kids Brain Advanced International Preschool booth

Art sessions at Clarion School booth

Story telling at Johnson and Johnson's booth

One of the exhibitors set up their
product there which the kids enjoyed: the slide

Story telling at Wyeth booth

It was a very tiring day. But it was all worth it. Just seeing the kids happy and richer in knowledge and experience, is enough to erase the tiredness away.

Have a happy week ahead! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Run #1: CCP Complex

My September to-do list includes three runs for three weekends. And I did one already!

To up the ante, I decided to run in three different locations. I chose the CCP Complex in Roxas Boulevard for this week because of our house’s proximity to it. I must say that I am blessed to be living near this haven for joggers, bikers, runners and those who want to play badminton, basketball, and lawn tennis or engage in weekend activities which can be done in open area.

I really like running there. There were old women and men whose swift runs challenged me to run faster. There were kids in their cute pastel jogging pants mimicking their parents in their cardio class or asking them to buy taho. It was like a meeting place for friends and families with active lifestyles. I will surely bring Gabby and Sunday when I come back here next month.

Here’s why I enjoyed my run-walk in CCP Complex.
I was early. This is in front of The Manila Film Center and those buildings are in Roxas Boulevard.

The Manila Film Center's stairs and ramp are challenging platforms for runners.

I like Sofitel Philippine Plaza. It was designed by one of our National Artists, Leandro Locsin.

Badminton players occupy the front of The Coconut Palace.

The Folk Arts Theater or Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas was built in 1974 for that year's Miss Universe Pageant. I read from one of the banners there that it is also called Bulwagan ng Panginoon.

Harbor Square is home to dining establishments like Starbucks. On mornings, aerobic and cardio classes are held there.

Manila Yacht Club and the view from Harbor Square.

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant

I want to run in the CCP ramp again. Its elevation/angle is so challenging!

The Star City and Aliw Theater

The PICC or Philippine International Convention Theater

On my way home, I noticed this green lane. I just watched from the news that this is a new project of CCP in cooperation with various agencies. The Green Lane is part of CCP’s "Luntiang Lungsod, Luntiang Sining" (Green City, Green Arts) project which encourages biking for work or leisure.

I would like to run there again. Or maybe, just play badminton. Or maybe just sit on the baywalk and while away the time. With some endorphins (hormones responsible for making us happy) released after the exposure to sun and exercise, I believe I will have a happy week ahead. Have a happy one, too! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My To-Do List for the Month of September

My life today revolves around my family, my work, the service on Sundays and going to malls on weekends. If there’s a word that best describes my day to day life, it’s routine. There’s nothing wrong with that, I believe. There’s nothing wrong with waking up ahead of the shrill sound of the alarm clock on mornings, no matter how sleep-deprived I was the night before. There’s nothing wrong in going to a bookstore or mall after attending church on Sundays. My body clock is so in sync with what I do that I sometimes feel I am a robot programmed to perform tasks!

I’ve always wanted to do things that I haven’t done before or go to places I haven’t been to, or indulge in something I haven’t eaten or maybe just try something new.

So now, I decided that I will make a monthly to-do list. I may not be able to do all of them in a month but those which I cannot fulfill will carry over to the next month. This list will let me keep track of my achievements and my backlogs of the things I’ve always wanted to do. I want my life to be more than the usual! Who would have thought that a tourism slogan would be significant in my life, huh?

Anyway, here are my things to do for the month of September:
1. Read a new book and finish it. (Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert?)
2. Go to a place I’ve been to but haven’t visited in a year or two just to check what’s new.
3. Eat ice cream from Haagen-Dazs!
(I hope to have this on my succeeding lists but for financial reason, I doubt it! *wink! )
4. Accompany my kids in their field trip and enjoy it. (And forget about the work in the office for a day.)
5. Run at least three kilometers on the three remaining Saturdays of this month.

This is just an initial list. As I jump from one month to another, I hope to do more adventurous things or go to farther places. There’s no harm in dreaming, right?

PS: For a start, I was able to read this book the first week of September. It's a good read. Ricky Lee is good. I've never read a Filipino novel or short story before so this is a first for me. :)