Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy Saturday!

Saturday was a busy day for me.

After running early in the morning, I brought the kids to Mommy Academy’s 38th Pedia Talk Live held at Dusit Thani in Makati. I attended several of their seminars before but I decided to try this one again since MA cooked up a small party for the kids, which is a clever way to divert the kids’ attention while the moms are on the seminar.
1. The Pedia Talk Live 2. Me trying out one of the products at the booths
3. Gabby and Sunday at the party 4. Party for kids aged 3

Sadly, I already know most of what was discussed. So I went to the room where Gabby and Sunday were and just watched the puppet show and the children’s games. We left before 11am or maybe minutes before the food is served.

After eating lunch at Wendy’s just across Dusit, we proceeded to SM Mall of Asia to check the books at the 31st Manila International Book Fair. I believe I succeeded in producing bookworms. Gabby and Sunday now love books as much as they love ice cream!

Gabby and Sunday checking out the books
and having fun with the skeleton display

Simultaneous with the book fair was the Super Kids 2010 held at the 3rd Level of SMX. Super Kids is a trade fair that showcased consumer and trade products and services in child care, parenting, education, and other child development needs. Gabby and Sunday had so much fun! I just wish there will be another Super Kids event next year.
Gabby and Sunday like the Lego and other educational toys
at Kids Brain Advanced International Preschool booth

Art sessions at Clarion School booth

Story telling at Johnson and Johnson's booth

One of the exhibitors set up their
product there which the kids enjoyed: the slide

Story telling at Wyeth booth

It was a very tiring day. But it was all worth it. Just seeing the kids happy and richer in knowledge and experience, is enough to erase the tiredness away.

Have a happy week ahead! :)


jojigirl said...

Gabby and Sunday are so blessed to have you as Mom, Beth.

Chris said...

sayang we were not able to go on Saturday... kaya thursday kami pumunta :)

sayang din di tayo nag meet :)

Yami said...

Hi Beth. Gusto rin namin pumunta sa book fair kaya lang naalala namin yung sa MV Doulos medyo limited ang selection unlike sa bookstore. may art book din kaya sila don? :)

Beth said...

@Joji: Thanks, Joji! I'm blessed to have them, too! :)

@Chris: Oo nga, sayang we weren't able to meet. Next time, maybe? :)

@Yami: Oo, limited lang un sa MV Doulos. Pero dito sa IMBF, dami choices! Meron din naman art books. :)

dong ho said...

art activities has always been fun for kids. i too enjoyed it but not anymore.

i read your comment, yes i use dslr.

Manang Kim said...

Hello Beth, it's good you have your own domain na. I like the layout too. Just by the look of those pretty smiles I could tell the kiddos had fun. Happy Wednesday and thanks for the visit!

Tita Beng said...

Looks exhausting for you but it certainly was a satisfying day especially when you had seen them happy with the experience!

Gandang umaga sa 'yo Beth!

Beth said...

@dong ho: Sometimes, I still enjoy kids' activities. :P Thanks for the visit.

@Manang Kim: oo nga, buti me own domain na ko. and yes, my kids love adventure kasi kaya lagi sila masaya. :)

@Ate Beng: oo nga, I'm happy to see my kids happy, khit super pagod ako. Thanks ate beng, I'll visit you back! :)

chubskulit said...

Great event for the kids!

You know what Beth, you look like my pinay dentist here hehehe, I been meaning to tell you that lagi ko lang nakakalimutan hehehe..

Mommy Liz said...

YOu areally did have busy Saturday. Mga anak ko ang hilig mag drawing, ang bilis nilang maubos ang isang rim ng bond paper, wahhh... mga artists tong mga anak namin, hehehe..

Beth said...

@Rose: mdami ako kamukha, Rose! :)

@Liz: nku ako din, ubos mga bond papers palagi kasi drawing sila ng drawing palagi! :)

Enchie said...

Love the book fair, my dad has a booth.

Clarissa said...

That's a good activity for kids,Mommy Beth.You're a good Mom--gusto kong activites na ganyan for my kids,yung ibang bata puro na lang computer games ang hinaharap.