Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Christmas...

It's been a while since my last post. Many things have happened. And they brought emotions I've never felt before.

This will be the first time that I will celebrate Christmas without a father. Sadly, he passed away two weeks ago. Whenever I feel the loss, I just try to see things positively. I tell myself that he just joined our Creator.

And for Gabby and Sunday, this is the third time that they will celebrate Christmas without Fred. The first two years was when Fred went to Saudi Arabia and they were too young to ask for presents then. Now that their Daddy had to go back to KSA again, they already know what they want for Christmas. We went to the toy store last Sunday and they took pics and sent them to Fred. :)

But the four of us will still be together this Christmas. Virtually together, that is. We'll just call Fred on Christmas Eve or maybe, go online.

To all of you who kept visiting my blog while I was away, thanks so much.
Your visits just reminded me that life has to go on. And move on I will! :) Have a blessed December!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cakes, Celebrations and Confessions

Last month, Fred was asked to be the godfather of Alex, my brother-in-law's daughter. In lieu of the gift, the parents asked if we could buy the baptismal cake and we happily said yes.

The baptismal cake we bought for our Alex

Because I was too busy with work, I wasn't able to drop by any Red Ribbon or Goldilocks store a week before the baptismal date. I thought that ordering cakes is easy. But I was wrong. I learned some lessons about it and here they are:

1. Order a week before the event. Goldilocks and Red Ribbon Bakeshops have a three-day lead time. That will give the bakeshops ample time for baking and decorating your cake, especially if it's a three-layered one.

2. Ask if there are charges for delivery or for other services. Because I was a day late (from the lead time), I decided to order from the Goldilocks branch nearest my office. Since I cannot order their Celebration Cakes anymore, I ordered the cake on display and decided that I would just buy a cake topper and some decors. I requested the staff to put the cake topper just above the greetings. Good thing I asked them if they will charge me on that, because they would! Imagine, just putting the topper on the cake would cost me P75! I decided against it and did it myself instead.

some details on the cake topper

3. Check out other bakeshops. I just ordered from Goldilocks when I remembered there was a Red Ribbon just a block away. Out of curiousity, I still went there and found out that they offer more beautiful cakes, more themes and they're more affordable! Hmm...maybe next time.

4. If you want it delivered, order cakes from a bakeshop of your choice near the venue. It will save you delivery charges and you can be sure that it will be delivered on time and undamaged. Besides, when the delivery is late, you can easily check on them.

The baptismal-themed cake topper I bought from Goldilocks

5. Be creative. Don't fret when you cannot order the design or theme that you want for your cake. Toppers and other theme-coordinated decors will save the day.

6. Never lose your receipt. Your Baking Order Number is written there. If you call the bakeshop for some changes on designs or names on the greetings, they would ask for that BO number, or your OR number.

I love this soft and sweet flower icings!

Anyway, it's a good thing that I learned a few things on ordering cakes. Next time, I know better. Good thing, too, that I had a part of that baptismal cake and ate it too! Yummy! :)