Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WG8: Greens and All Things Fresh

I've mentioned in one of my previous posts that I always wanted to go to the province to breathe some fresh air.

And whenever I wish for something, I always do something to achieve or have it. So off to the province we went last Saturday. We have more important things to do, and though the finances tell us that that weekend is best spent at home, we still pushed through with that impromptu getaway.
Nothing is more relaxing than to see greens all around you.
Sunday always falls in love with my mother's garden.
Her Lola grows eggplants, stringbeans, pineapples, camote tops, etc.
I wished we have this hammock at home!
Gabby and Sunday enjoyed this so much!
I grew up climbing trees with my sisters.
I want my kids to experience it and so up the mango tree we climbed!
Monkeys from Manila! :)

Spending a day or two away from the hustle and bustle of the city is really one relaxing getaway! We enjoyed it a lot! :)


Enchie said...

Hi Beth! I like this entry. Super nakaka-relate ako. I grew up climbing trees and I also enjoyed growing vegetables and root crops. Dad ko naman ang mahilig. It's nice to see your family enjoying the goodies nature brought us.

Cecile said...

Kakatuwa yung nasa puno kayo, remindsme when i was young, mahilig ko umakyat sa puno :-).

nice post, Beth, salamat sa pag share!

Anney said...

Nung bata din ako hilig ko umakyat sa mga puno para manguha ng bayabas, mangga at makopa. Mas masarap kasi pag ikaw mismo ang pumitas at inakyat mo ang puno. Pinaghirapan mo talaga.

kikamz said...

yes, the province still is the best place for a getaway! the simplicity of the folks, the fresh mountain air and the numerous trees that u could climb abound! when i was a kid, i loved climbing trees too! i remember me and my siblings climbing fruit trees in our small backyard. guava trees, star apple and mangoes are our faves to climb! just pure fun!

nuts said...

Green makes me feel so relax too.. Sarap ng buhay sa probinsya.. simple, tahimik..

Clarissa said...

hahahaaa!!parang naalala ko naman ang kabataan ko dati sa probincya namin!thanks for sharing,nakaka-relate ako sa ganito dahil laking probincya din ako^_^

cpsanti said...

wow, that looks like a lot of fun! tree-climbing is the best for any kid! ;-)

Lucrecio Emerito said...

That sea of green is cool. Nature talaga ang dating.

Laine said...

mommy beth ang cute naman ng mga monkeys from manila. :) pero kidding aside danda naman ng vegetable farm ng mother mo. green na green tos grown organically ang mga veggies so healthy xa kainin. :)

Tita Beng said...

I do envy you, Beth coz you have that kind of place to go to whenever you need some fresh air and relaxing environment. Best of all, they have their lola to kiss and hug when going home to your home province. Btw, saan ba yang province mo Beth?