Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quality Eyeglasses for Less

I have always wanted to buy a new pair of prescription glasses. My years of working in front of the computer has taken its toll on my eyes that I am beginning to feel some strain on it after just a few hours.

You might say that I am being foolish for not wearing reading glasses when it has been prescribed to me by an optometrist before. She found out that my left eye has a perfect vision and the right eye has a more-than-300 vision. And she said that since my left eye does most of the vision processing work, it might get strained and eventually suffer partial vision loss.

Sadly, I wore her prescribed eyeglasses only for a few days. I felt so uncomfortable wearing one. Until that pair of glasses got lost in the office. :(

Now that I am beginning to feel the need for one already, I again searched the net for online eyeglasses store offering very affordable, high quality, and stylish prescription eyeglasses. Almost all searches lead me to Zenni Optical which offers retro and vintage eyeglasses for men and women starting at $6.95.

I like this pair. I like the color and it perfectly fits the shape of my face.
And I like the price, huh? :)

Hmm…I think I’ll try their stylish eyeglasses. I just hope I won’t lose the new pair this time.