Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saudi Arabia waits for us

I wrote so many introductions to this post but I kept changing them. I wrote about being at one of life's crossroads, or taking risks, or choosing which is best for me and my family. A flurry of thoughts after, I decided to just spill what comes to my mind.

I am leaving for Saudi Arabia. I am bringing my kids with me so we can join my husband who went to work there more than a year ago. It wasn't an easy decision. I had to consider the culture. Especially its treatment to women. I had to ask my husband several times if the education system there is okay. I searched the net for blogs and articles that tell of the life of an expat family in that tradition-embracing Arab country. Can we make it there? Will we be able to adjust? Will the kids like it there?

I heard so much about Saudi Arabia. Almost all advices came from children and relatives of expats who worked there. And majority of them say negative things about it. They didn't like the idea that Fred and I will be bringing the kids. But I believe Fred knows better. He worked there for more than two years before going there again last year. He is confident that we will adapt easily. He said that bringing us there is best for us. Being together outweighs all the negative things I heard, which he told me are baseless, anyway.

While we were processing the papers, I told my kids about our decision. I didn't expect that they will like the idea but they did. Though my daughter got sad when she realized that she will be leaving her friends in school, she later remembered that it was his daddy she will be with again. I'm glad they understood. They are so excited about this whole thing already.

In a few days, we will be on our way to The Kingdom, which Saudi Arabia is also known as. I am nervous, honestly. But with constant prayers and God's guidance, I believe we can make it there. Besides, there's always our country to welcome us back. :)