Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dreaming of Living on the Mountains

My job sometimes requires that I visit new projects and property developments. And I love that! I always want to visit new places even if they’re just within or just on the outskirts of Metro Manila.

We went first to Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal last month. I fell in love with the place that I wished I had enough money to buy a property there! A well-known and headline-hogging female celebrity already bought a house and lot there.

We were there early but we already saw bikers heading to Timberland Sports and Nature Club. TSNC offers challenging trails for runners and bikers. I later knew that even non-residents of Timberland Heights and non-members of TSNC can bike or run there. They just have to surrender IDs. I forgot to ask if there is a fee.

Timberland Heights offers lots for hobby farming and gardening. I was able to visit its Agroforestry Center and dropped by the butterfly house and agricultural crop gardens.

I like this Produce Market! The vegetables and fruits sold there are organically-grown! :)

This is one of the sights that bikers and runners enjoy on their trail. All green! :)

We then headed to Timberland Sports and Nature Club which I saw first on GMA 7's Jessica Soho Reports. I was so amazed with its amenities but was appalled by its exorbitant membership fee only to find out later that its developers have good reasons for that. Club members get what they pay for! TSNC offers world-class health and leisure facilities, including a biking and hiking trail.

TSNC offers a panoramic view of the city. I just can't believe I have seen what was featured on Jessica Soho's magazine program.

I didn't dream of swimming in this horizon-edge pool when I saw it on TV. Seeing the pool and the views was enough to take my breath away for a while. :)

We were able to check on other facilities which include food and beverage outlets, children's playground and library, wall climbing area and basketball courts, spa and fitness, etc. To check on them, you may want to visit their website.

By the way, I still dream of living there. I still dream of having a garden beside my house, and a view of the city at night. Have a happy week ahead! :)


jodi said...

maybe in the near future makabili ka rin doon di ba? sarap ata sa lugar ano, malamig ang daloy ng hangin
valuews, reviews, business

Raft3r said...

Ang ganda naman dito pero ang layo

Maulan ngayon
Ingat paglabas-labas

Ria said...

ang ganda, ganda naman nyan lugar na yan? i have seen brochures about that property and the price is rather hefty huh. di ko afford! hahahaha. pero, if i am going to pay that much and see all of nature's beauty every single day, then i think it is worth every penny.

Beth said...

@Jodi: oo nga, sana nga! :)

@Rafter: parang malapit lang siya nung pinuntahan namin e. :) thanks for the paalala!

@Ria: oo nga, mahal nga dun! pero sulit naman! sayang wala akong milyones to buy a property there. sarap sana magretire dun someday!

Mylene said...

Beautiful place mommy!

Tetcha said...

The places you mentioned are really nice. Who knows, you'll get to live in any of these places one day. You'll never know because life is full of surprises. Cheers!

Robbie said...

Hey this is such a beautiful place! Ang pinaka gusto ko is yung garden for farming. =)

As someone who's tired of the hustle and bustle of Manila, parang ang sarap mag-take ng one week break man lang at tumira sa ganyang lugar. Actually, anywhere refreshing and away from the city would be good.

Thanks for sharing! =)

Faye said...

wow! very relaxing!:)

Beng Gee said...

Hello Beth! Grabe pala sa ganda yang Timberland! Sana tumama ako sa lotto so I can have my own place there. Libre naman mangarap eh! he he..

Raft3r said...

teka, teka
Sino yun naka blind item?