Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gabby and Sunday at MV Doulos

According to the The Guinness Book of World Records, MV Doulos is the world's oldest active ocean-going passenger ship. It is also called the 'floating book fair or bookstore'. And it's in Manila once again!

I don't think we will be able to visit it this year but let me just share with you our quick dropby there last December 2007.
Gabby and Sunday and the MV Doulos welcome banner

Kids and Dad clowning around on the deck
Me and Sunday inside
Bye bye time for the floating bookfair!

We had a great time there. Maybe because we love books! We also love their strawberry-flavored sundae! The kids had two cones each! :)

Note: MV Doulos will be in Manila from March 5-31, 2009.


Dee said...

Hi Beth! Looks like you and your family really had a great time!

I've never heard of MV Doulos before but it looks really interesting lalo na because it's books and we have this weakness for books. I will check this out. May entrance fee ba ito? Thanks for sharing.

I have another tag for you. Please get it in my blog. Maraming salamat and have a great day!:D

Anzu's Mum said...

cool... every year po ba to nasa pinas? oh well, atleast nakapnta na mga kids mo diba... have a nice day =)

Enchie said...

Ey thanks Beth! Might visit this before the month ends :D

dhemz said...

woi cute talaga ng mga chikiting mo te...hhehhehe!

never heard of this fair tBeth...looks very interesting...specially sa mga bata...thanks for sharing!

Clarissa said...

Hello Mommy Beth!! It's my first time to know about this--thanks for sharing them with us!^_^

Vic said...

wow! i saw this in tv. I just wish that I will be able to get on board! :)

masaya siguro dito, daming books! halatang nag-enjoy kayo! I can see it on the pictures! :)

Raft3r said...

sunday is such a beautiful name

talaga masarap yun strawberry sundae nila

masubukan nga
teka, pambata lang ba ire?

Anney said...

I'm sure you all had fun specially kung mahilig talaga kayo sa books!

Yudi said...

Hi, today I'm visiting you, due to my my poor internet connection I'm not able visit a good friend like you.

elenita said...

i heard about that floating bookstore ba yan sa news. Wow ha buti nman at nabisita mo.. hmmm.. no wonder yun mga kids mo kasing smart ng mommy .. you have cute kids pala .. :) bumisita lang ako at nakibasa :)

niko said...

ow really?? i wonder where in manila are u beth..baket kaya di tau magkta minsan! :)

looks like they had fun.. why not bring gabby and sunday ulit dyan?? naku mas enjoy siguro sila this time!!

oo nga pla, medyo ok na ang yena ko.. but we have to bring her to her new pedia on friday.. naku hirap tlga maging ina noh?we worry big tlga pag sick ang baby nten haaay.

thanks for ur concern ha.. am so touched beth.. huhuh :)

kamusta ka naman jan??? hope u have a blast wednesday!! :)

Chris said...

hello Beth! we went there on Sunday... what day did you go? :)

yun nga lang.. the line was too long. my bro-in-law had to meet someone so we just decided not to go in.

we were also there the last time Doulos was here in 2007...

we also love books!