Friday, March 27, 2009

Love Art? Check Paragon Fine Art!

I think my love for art was manifested when I learned how to hold pencils. My parents told me that I was already doodling at a very young age. So it’s no wonder that I took up Fine Arts in college.

As a lover of arts, I always admire those who spent so much of their time mastering their craft. I always search the net for painters and sculptors who produce artworks and paintings that are contemporary and unique in style.

One glass sculptor I admire is Dino Rosin. He produces glass sculptures that are unique because he uses a material called “calcedonia”. It produces varying hues of colors depending on the temperature and length of time the glass is in the furnace.
It’s good to know that there are sculptors who continue inspiring other budding artists with their production of one-of-a-kind artworks. And it’s also good to know that Paragon Fine Art showcases Dino Rosin’s glass sculptures. It also showcases other contemporary, traditional and commercial artworks. Being in the business for 15 years, buyers and art enthusiasts are ensured of best prices and quality conditions of the paintings.


Chris said...

you know, my daughter kyla loves to draw. i really think she has a talent too. i want to enhance her talents and give her lots of opportunity to be exposed to arts this summer. do you have any suggestions?

payatot said...

ang ganda naman nyan tita beth! umaapaw sa talent ang humulma..pero alam mo kapag bata ka pa at medyo may hilig ka na, sure nga ako na doon ka pupunta, tulad mo di ba?

Beth said...

Hi Chris,
Yes, exposing your kids to arts and crafts this summer is one sure way of beating boredom and enhancing their creativity.
Check for arts and crafts lessons offered near your place. And buy her materials she can play with and use while doing crafts like clay, colored papers, etc. Having those materials always ready will create spark in a child's mind and a highly creative child will start doing some works without you asking her to do it. Just let her run her imagination freely!
I will email you more suggestions! :)