Friday, March 13, 2009

Compare Credit Cards Online!

I am someone who is so afraid of using credit cards on purchases.

Maybe because I’m such a shopaholic when I know I have the means and my memory doesn’t serve me right everytime I try to remember whether I purchased something within my budget.

Credit cards are so much help especially on online purchases. I have one right now but do I get the most out of it? Is it one of the secured credit cards which offer the best deals and rewards? I think I better compare different types of credit cards and and choose which one best fits my need.

And since I love to travel, I should choose among airline mile credit cards. More miles, more points! But then again, there are cards that just offer rebates, rewards on gas and hotel expenses.

When it comes to credit cards, be choosy and wise at the same time!


Umma said...

Hello Beth.. Im back here to visit you now./ i was knocked down kasi for couple of days.. buti na lang meron me nag baby sit kay YL ko..

Oi! start na pala ang beauty mo grab ng mga opps ha? Good job Mommy Beth.. kelangan paspasan hahaha.. happy weekend mommy.

earthlingorgeous said...

I love the airline miles rewards sa credit cards but like you mejo trauma ako sa credit card dahil sa taas ng interes nakakaloka.

Mahilig ka ba sa fish? Try mo eat dito I was there last Thursday and its my post about that:)