Monday, March 2, 2009

Summer Swimwear for Kids

As I've mentioned in my previous post, the heat is on!

And eventhough there are still classes, my kids are so excited to hear from me that it's summer once again. Not a summer passed by without us going to beaches or even islands! (I'll post our Batangas island outing last summer when I have time!)

Gabby and Sunday really love swimming and of course, the stage mom in me wants them to spend summer fashionably. So we went to the mall (SM) and looked for affordable yet cute swimwear. I didn't buy at once since I'm still scouting for more designs. But when school ends, I will! :)

I like the blue two piece! Sunday likes it in pink :)

Gabby's beach shorts was lost during one of our outings
so I have to buy him one of these (shorts only, ha?)

Price Range: P400-P500 for girls

Is it obvious that I'm more excited for summer than my kids are? I love summer! And I'm happy that I successfully passed this love to my kids! :)


Tita Beng said...

Hi Betchay! Mukhang pinaghahandaan mo na talaga ang summer ah! Ang ku-cute ng kiddos' swim wear, e, where's the one for mommy? Same here, I'm so excited for summer! I'd love to be in a beach every weekend.Sarap ng sand and sea!

Ingat lang sa sunburn!

eden said...

woww.. ang cute naman with nice colour. sad to say, our summer season here is about to end. We haven't gone much to the beach this time unlike last year..maybe next summer. I hope.

Enchie said...

i was also on the hunt for some new swim wear. its nice to go window shopping and look for colorful stuff for the summer.

SASSY MOM said...

Hi, Beth! Naku na-mi-miss ko yang mga ganyan ka-cute na swimwear. Of course, my dalaga wants the sexy ones na. hehehe. have a great week.

SASSY MOM said...

Hi, Beth! Naku na-mi-miss ko yang mga ganyan ka-cute na swimwear. Of course, my dalaga wants the sexy ones na. hehehe. have a great week.

Anney said...

Galing ako dyan nung sunday! nabili ko yung isang two piece sa last picture! hehehe! Balak ko din bilin yung one piece na light blue for ykaie. Dami ko napamili na bathing suits para sa mga pamangkin ko. Nagpabili din yung auntie ko nung pinakamalaking inflatable pool para sa mga bata.

Elizabeth said...

Ate Beng: hahaha, di yata kaya ng powers ko ung every weekend nsa beach! bka naman sobrang umitim na ko nun! :) pero sarap talaga sa beach di ba?

Eden: really, patapos na pala ang summer diyan? sige, next summer bawi ka! thanks sa dalaw ha?

Enchie: sarap maghunting for colorful stuffs for summer di ba? pati nga mga inflatables, snorkels, etc, ang gaganda! hayy---wish ko dami akong money to buy all that I love to! :)

Salen: oo nga, dalaga na daughter mo, sexy na gusto, ok lang un basta hwag lang masyado provocative ha? lam mo naman mga boys! :)

Anney: hay nku, super kikay ka talaga, younger sis! swerte nieces mo lagi mo binibilhan ng kung anik anik. sana naging Tita kita noon! hahaha! :)

Mom of Four said...

Lagi namang ganon ang mga nanays, mas excited kesa mga anaks. Sarap kaya damitan ang mga anak natin lalo kapag summer time na, wow! pabonggahan ng swimming suit. Post mo kung ano angmabibili mo para sa mga anak mo ha..

Umma said...

Wow! you're already preparing for the summer event Mommy.. yeah summer is just around the corner.. next thing you'll realize the kids will be on their summer vacation at school soon.
Time flies too fast.. but I never like the summer bec its too hot and I hate the sweat and sticky feeling.

I love the cold weather. hahaha

Clarissa said...

Summer na summer na dito sa site mo!! Wala pang summer items na naka-display dito sa Japan-puro pang Spring pa lang at medyo ginaw pa ako kc malamig pa!

Can't wait for Summer time!!I'm excited to buy Wakaba and Haruka's swimsuit (ang bilis kcing lumaki eh!)and going to pools!

Elizabeth said...

Liz: oo nga, moms pa ang excited! lahat ng di natin nasuot nun, papasuot natin sa kids natin hahaha!

Umma: I like cold weather too esp cuddling with hubby for warmth :)

Clarissa: my kids love pools too, basta me water ok na sila dun hehehe

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