Sunday, March 1, 2009

Home Cleaning Tip: Grocery Bag Origami

I am really irritated to see the piles of plastic bags on our cabinet. They've been there for months!

And last Friday, I was so happy to find Niko’s post about this and how to stash them away neatly. She got the link from Kikamz. I got inspired by it that I tried folding some by following the instructions.

Hubby saw it and tried folding too. His OC side got the better of him so he took out all the plastic bags from the cabinet and folded all of them! He even taught Gabby, who upon seeing what his Dad was doing said, “Wow, Daddy! You’re doing Origami!”

before: heaps of unfolded plastic bags

after: folded plastic bags in the cabinet

Have a happy, blessed and clutter-free Sunday! :)


chubskulit said...

i fold plastics too but not that small hehehe.. great idea..

thanks for the prayer mommy beth...

jojigirl said...

Hi, Beth! That's what I have been doing with my plastic bags. I got the idea from the DENR.

Clarissa said...

doing them here,too!!\(^0^)/

Umma said...

I fold plastic bags too but in different way. i guess I got it from my Korean MIL.. hahaha.. so everytime we have plastic bags from grocery.. I fold it asap to avoid clutter.

But Im interested in doing that origami thing.. I just dont hv time to check the website hahaha.

niko said...

wow!! thanks a lot for posting ur origami plastic bags too beth!

nakakatuwa noh??? am enjoying that too and gumagana utak ko while doing it.. therapeutic and fun tlga!! :)

what happened na nga pla sa suitor ni sunday ??? hahah

pehpot said...

kaya pala familiar.. I try to avoid plastic kaya we don't have a lot..w e usually use eco bags for our grocery or cartons hehe.. but this is a good way of releasing stress and calming exercise LOL

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Twinkie said...

Hihi! I have the same post here . :D