Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ShopWiki: Online Shopping Revolutionized

I really love to cook. It really is a consolation for a work-at-home mom like me to see my kids and my husband finish all the food I served, with a smile on their face while touching their full and bigger than usual tummy. After all, an empty plate is a cook’s ultimate compliment.

But on times when I have tons of things to do or errands to run, cooking becomes a chore especially when the kitchen gadgets I need are not available. The last time my husband cooked and used the equipments in the kitchen, he told me, “How come there is no garlic press here?” “But we have mortar and pestle”, I answered. “Why don’t we shop for kitchen gadgets and equipments so we’ll have an easier time preparing the food?” he said. I understand him. Having worked and lived abroad before, he was used to using cool kitchen and dining essentials.

the garlic press my husband was looking for

And that’s when we found ShopWiki, a revolutionary online shopping site that has almost everything we need. The products are categorized and the brands are in alphabetical order! We won’t have a hard time looking for the kitchen stuffs we need, with the exact specifications and designs we prefer. It offers a wide array of equipments, appliances, tablewares and organization systems and other kitchen accessories to choose from! And since more products from more stores are offered, expect great deals and savings!

Now next time you cook and your husband butts in and asks you the kitchen equipments whereabouts or the lack of them, just tell them, “How about checking them online?” :)


Enchie said...

ay gusto ko nito...para hindi na nag di-dikdik ng garlic and hindi smelly sa kamay :D

Anney said...

ay meron kaming garlic press! Durog talaga ang bawang. Maganda yan gamitin pag marami kng bawang na kailangan.

pehpot said...

coolness! mukhang ok na ok yan for busy mommies like us.. less time on teh kitchen, more time on blogging LOL

Make or Break

Dee said...

Oh, that's cool. And available online too! Definitely worth checking out!

By the way, Beth, I've already written the "Why I Love My Husband Tag" you gave me. Thanks again! Have a blessed day! :D