Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WG1: Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands is one of the local tourist destinations I really dream of going to. And I didn’t know I would be able to see them this year!

It was a spur of the moment decision. My friend Nest invited us to visit her hometown Bolinao, Pangasinan. We didn’t have enough budget but we still pushed through and headed to the north last Friday.

The kids enjoyed our three days in Pangasinan! I will be posting some of the pics here this whole week. So drop by to view the images of the beautiful province of Pangasinan!

Me at the Hundred Islands National Park Information Center

The Pinoy Big Brother House where Kim and Gerald stayed

Fred at Marcos Island, one of the 123 islands

Gabby and Sunday lost count of the islands
and just got contented looking at them :)

Finally, we settled in one of the developed islands, the Quezon Island,
and swam and snorkel until most of the island guests left

Happy Tuesday and welcome back to me! :)


Clarissa said...

Wow!!Nakaka-miss naman ang Pinas!!!\(^0^)/

Tita Beng said...

Ang sarap naman! I haven't been to hundred islands yet. I'll make sure we'll gonna visit it one of this days. 'Looks so inviting!

jojigirl said...

Good for you to have realized your dreams of seeing this famous tourist destination. I am wondering if you are still having the problem in getting to my page? I have updated it to www.meanderclutter.com just last week. I still need to post that meme you last gave me, still looking for the appropriate pics. Miss you, friend. ".)

Vic said...

wow! ang sarap naman! gusto ko ring makagala ng tulad niyan! :)

pehpot said...

wow! dream ko din libutin ang hundred islands kaso afraid ko to go boat riding :(

Make or Break

Enchie said...

Looks fun Beth!!! gusto ko din makarating diyan!!!

Mom of Four said...

Wow ha, mukhang enjoy na enjoy kau ha. Takot ako sa tubig, dun lang ako sa pampang, hehehe..Siguro kapag napunta kami dyan, mga anak ko mag enjoy, tapos ako panay ang dasal..

Spending time with your family is always the best.. Have a great day to you all..

PinayWAHM said...

Wow! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Sometimes spur of the moment get aways are the best!

Thanks for the visit Beth and for sharing your vacay pics with us.

Mommy J

Anney said...

Ang sarap naman! sana matuloy din kami mag swimming para maisuot ko two piece ko. ahehehe! joke lang! ang taba ko no!

niko said...

sarap naman mommy beth!!! hohohoh!! kainggit!! :D

you look so slim in pictures.. how do u maintain that?? :)

Elizabeth said...

Clarissa: makakauwi ka din dito someday, pasyal ka agad pagdating mo! gawan pa kita ng itinerary, hehehe!

Ate Beng: Oo nga, must see ang Hundred Islands talaga! :)

Joji: kala ko talaga dream na lang e, hehehe

Vic: mkakakgala ka din, mas masaya gumala pag me kids, enjoy din sila so parang double ung joy and fun!

Pehpot: ung mother-in-law ko din ksama and super takot sa boat riding, pero kinaya e kaw pa kaya?! kaya mo yan! :)

Enchie: fun talaga! I'll update the post later for trip tips! :)

Liz: hahaha, oo nga, my kids were standing pa nga sa boat samantalang ung mga oldies nakaupo talaga, hahaha!

J: oo nga, wala ng balak balak, bsta go na ng go, hehehe. basta me money, at me kilala ka dun sa lugar, madali na un di ba? :)

Anney: bsta keri naman, why not? thanks sa comment Anney!

Niko: anong slim?! saan?!?! hahaha! mdaya lang ako sa pics, ikaw tong certified sexy!!!