Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Look Fab This Summer!

Summer time is here. And with summer comes the packing away for weekend outings or just a swim at a nearby pool. As doting moms to two kids, I always have a list on what to bring whenever we have outdoor trips that include swimming. Sunscreen lotion, shades, umbrella and hats, snacks, povidone iodine, hand sanitizer, inflatables are just some of the summer essentials that I can’t leave behind. I can’t leave moisturizers, too! Not because I stay and work at home, I will forget to take care of myself! I have to moisturize my skin because I tend to have dry skin on extreme weather conditions!
But if there’s one thing I really want to buy this summer, it’s the towel wrap! I have seen it a year ago on a spa I went to and I wanted to buy it but they told me it's not for sale! :) I wanted it so much because it is secured on the chest part and I don't have to worry about it falling off whenever my kids would tug on my towel. It happens, right? :)

Wearing bath wrap towel is one sure way of looking fab and feeling secure while spending a day at the beach or pool!

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