Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tall Order: Pamper Your Pets!

I once worked in a pharmaceutical company dealing with veterinary and human medicines. The job entails that I design booths and standees and set them up on location. The company usually joins dog shows and other trade shows related to animal care so I always had fun tagging along since I love dogs! I was able to know and photograph some rare dog breeds and be amazed at how their owners spend so much in taking care of them.After every booth set-up, we usually hang around to check the other exhibitors’ products like dog food, dog clothes and dog carriers. One of the products on display that caught my attention was the elevated dog feeder. I thought, “What a well-cared-for dog must it be if his owner buys him this!” The staff manning that booth explained to me that dogs, especially the tall ones, experience stress when eating from low-lying bowls. Hmm, so Great Dane and Afghan Hound must love these feeders!

It's really good attending trade shows, you learn so much! :)

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payatot said...

di ba malaki yan sa maliit na dog? tama lang nga siduro kung malaki yun aso ano?