Sunday, April 12, 2009

Furniture For My Mom's House

My father-in-law is very good in carpentry. He can build bookshelves, tables and chairs from planks of wood which you think should be thrown away. He once made a bookshelf for Gabby and Sunday and he painted it brown. But because he used substandard wood, it became wobbly and the drawers broke apart just after a year. But I still trust him in making furniture which I dream of giving to my mother who lives in the province. If my father-in-law ever sees the rustic furniture on Scenic Furniture, he surely will get excited and will have inspiration from the furniture offered there.
I like the Red Oak Barnwood Hutch. I have been dreaming of giving that kind of furniture to my mother. Her pieces of furniture are mostly made of wood and that hutch will complement them. I just wish she would have an island table so my mother can just do the food preparation in one place.


pehpot said...

LOL.. gusto ko ung bed log hihi

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Vic said...

hi beth! may post din ako na ganito. hehe.. :)

bakit ganun.. wala na agad akong available na opp. :(

Hazel said...

i love rustic furniture too. palagi nalang ako nangangarap na magka furntiure ako ng ganyan. for now this lovely pieces of art will float in my dreams :)