Sunday, April 19, 2009

Art Activity1: Salty Art

As promised, here is art activity #1. This is so easy to do and the kids will surely have fun time doing this. The purpose of this activity is for them to see the reaction of the salt with color. This activity is good in teaching Science and Art at the same time. Enjoy! :)
Materials needed: Matte white or light-colored paper,
watercolor, salt and brushes (of course!)

Art Time:
1. Using watercolor and brush, let your kid/s draw any object/s
that they want to. (Best subject: underwater or skyscape).2. Once done with their watercolor art, let your kids sprinkle
salt on their still-wet drawing. The salt absorbs the watercolor,
creating a texture that cannot be achieved by plain painting.
3. Leave their paintings to dry and when it's completely dry,
brush off the salt.

Sunday's Salty Art

*Don't sprinkle too much salt to achieve a natural effect.
*Don't arrange the salt on your painting. Sprinkle in random.
*Don't sprinkle on too dry or too wet wash or paints.
*Any salt is good but ground rock salt is better.


Chris said...

wow! thanks for this activity beth... my kids are doing it now! they were so excited as i told them about it!

ill post the work soon.. ;)

payatot said...

aba at nakabuo si sunday ng kanyang obra ah! sure ako nag enjoy sila dyan sa ginawa nilang yan

Anney said...

magandang activity to para sa mga bata! Thanks for sharing this Beth. Mukhang nag enjoy naman yung 2 chikiting mo.

☆Willa☆ said...

wow! and they are so into it! what a fun-filled activity for kids!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, talagang enjoy ang mga bata ^_^

isa sa mga favorite kong subject nung elementary eh art ^_^ try ko nga din yan...feeling bata eh noh! ^_^

Chris said... check it out! :D

Che-Che Tayag said...

wow ang galing, this is a great activity! sayang, my baby is still too young to enjoy this. maybe ako na lang gagawa hehehe

Evan's Mom said...

Oh that looks fun! thanks for sharing it, I do look forward for this kind of activity :)
I'll try this with Evan soon, this is something new for him (and me too) I'm sure he's gonna enjoy it.

Twinkie said...

Wow Beth! We'll definitely try this one! thanks for sharing!

Btw, got something for you here:

Have a nice day!

Tita Beng said...

A good way to start the kids on showing their talents on arts. I can see your oozing with various talents Beth! Your kids are lucky they have your genes.

Beng said...

wow..try ko nga din yan sa bulilit ko this weekend, thanks for sharing mommy beth (",)

SASSY MOM said...

Ang galing naman ni Teacher, thanks for sharing this.

Umma said...

What a great activity for the kids this summer. At least kids will be able to enjoy the summer vacation aside from going to the beach.

Hello Beth, Im back to blogging this time after my one month absence. Thank you so much for the encouragement and support. I really do appreciate it.

Ingat my dear.

Jona said...

wow we'll try this one too! thanks for sharing.

Jona said...

also...thank a lot for your visits to my blog. take care!

Jes said...

wow ganda nmn nito...aa anctivity sa mg ank ko during summer pero simle lng mg aalm ko eh...painting kasi is their fav pero nde p sila ganu nakikinig sa instruction eh visit my art too ...
paturo dn ako say iba pa for 3 nad 2 years old =)

Heart of Rachel said...

Lovely artworks! Art time is always fun.