Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9-11

I was four months pregnant with Gabby when 9-11 happened. It shocked me and didn’t imagine that anything like that can happen in my lifetime. But it did.

Eight years after, watching documentaries still stirs mixed emotions in me. I still cry with those who lost their loved ones and whenever I see that part of the video where people plunge to their death. I still admire the heroism of those firemen who braved hurdles just to save other people’s lives and eventually died on duty. And I still pray for those who thought of that terrorist attack. I wanted to hate them for plotting and executing such acts but then again, I’d rather hate the sin, not the sinner.
This magazine now sells for $7.50 in ebay. Thrice its price in 2001!

And to commemorate that fateful day, we bought the Time Magazine issue that featured 9-11 images and stories. We will keep that until we’re old and gray, if God permits. It somehow lets us remember that life is temporary and we must thank God for each day that we’re alive.


Bambie dear ★ said...

well 9/11 pala ngayon.. i could still remember how shock i was, lahat naman tayo eh.. kala ko kasi fake yun nung una ko makita.. God bless their souls, sana at peace na sila ngayon

Raft3r said...

everyone remembers where they were at that time
ako nasa bahay at nanonood ng cnn
tapos biglang breaking news

ayun na
para lang sine
di ako makapaniwala

and everything changed after that

pati nail cutter sa hand carry when you travel, bawal na

Enchie said...

Golly! lucky me. I was able to buy this TIME magazine on its first release. Also Newsweek's 9-11 special. I wasn't thinking na the value will go up.