Monday, September 7, 2009

Best Of Time: Where Time Lasts Forever

Yesterday, we went to the mall after church to while away the time.

My husband said he used to frequent this mall when he was still single and would spend hours checking the latest on watches and shoes. So that prompted me to ask him, “Hmm, if you were rich, you would have designer shoes, clothes and watches, right?” And without hesitation, he said yes. He said any working man should own designer stuff sometime in his life not because of the status symbol it gives but also because of its high quality. One brand of watch he would love to own is Rolex. Its models are classic and the features are to die-for!

I told him he can browse through It offers a selection of Rolex watches for men and women and he can also find like-new and pre-owned models. The watches are 100% genuine and have a three year warranty.

But on second thought, my husband said he plans to own one someday. Someday for him meant when he has proven himself, when he has acquired properties or put up a business or have traveled to several countries already. For the meantime, the dream of owning a Rolex watch would have to wait. He would have to be contented with another designer watch I gave him last year or else… :)

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