Monday, January 10, 2011

QMC: Our Circle of Fun!

I have one simple vice. I love to visit different places especially on weekends. It can be a park nearby, a zoo in another city, or a new themed mall. You name it, it's either I already heard or read about it or it's already listed on my itinerary. I have such the itchiest feet when it comes to going out. The only restriction is the budget, of course. :)

The 66-meter tall Quezon Memorial monument.
(66 is the age of Manuel Quezon when he died.)

With Gabby and Sunday in tow, I checked out the Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC) in Quezon City one weekend last December. QMC is our park of choice when the kids were younger. But when we moved to another city, going there became a hassle. It was when I missed biking that I thought of visiting it again.

I was surprised by the rehabilitation QMC has undergone. It is now more alive and offers more activities for the park goers.

The Circle of Joy: my kids' favorite part of QMC.
It boasts of ten play areas that Gabby and Sunday just can't get enough of! Free entrance, mommies!

I like it when my kids enjoy these play areas.
Playing and running make their bodies stronger and leaner.

Playing in public play areas also teaches them patience,
tolerance and respect for others.

I overheard a parkgoer said that Circle of Joy is open daily from morning till 5pm. But we were there past 6pm and there were still many kids playing. Hmm, maybe the management just want the kids to fully enjoy the play areas. :)

As long as they're happy, I am for it. Simple things make my kids happy.
And I'm one blessed mommy because of that!

While the kids were playing, I had the chance to take pics!
This balloon vendor got tired from walking and selling his stuff.
Who wouldn't? A 27-hectare circular park like this would challenge
even seasoned runners!

Another area of the park has these fitness equipments to help us
shape up and lose unwanted pounds!

I didn't know that the QMC is still so alive come night time.
With kids running around and playing with their lighted toys,
no wonder QMC is the place to be for families who love to unwind.

This is what I enjoyed the most there. The light on the monument changes colors
while the water on the fountain playfully jets and sways to modern tunes.

For someone who has been playing with colors and forms for a long while
(just like me), this musical fountain is a source of inspiration!

There are so many things you can do at Quezon Memorial Circle. Biking, running, having a picnic, play badminton, basketball or volleyball, learn history in its museum, or just relax. Honestly, I prefer going there than going to malls where I am tempted to spend some hard-earned money. Surely, I will go back to QMC. It's my nature-meets-fun park! :)


dong ho said...

i miss walking around the circle. though i still see it once in a while walking around is definitely cool.

i didnt know they already have those light fountain display there. good for the people to enjoy the place even more.

Tita Beng said...

Wala tayong pinag-iba Beth! We both have itchy feet. Ha ha ha!

Hasn't visited the park for many years now. I think the last time we went there was when my kids were as little as yours. Skating was what they love that time. Sobrang enjoy nga ang mga kids sa ganda ng QCMC ngayon! Regular ko ito dinadaanan pero di ko alam maganda na pala!

How about the Wild Park? Have you been there lately? Sana bigyan din yun ng pansin ng QC gov't! Yung 2 yan lng ang puntahan namin nung unang panahon eh!

Nice post Beth! thanks for sharing!

♥peachkins♥ said...

Bukas ba yan lagi?? Parang ang ganda dyan, mukhang mag-eenjoy si ykaie dyan..

Tetcha said...

Circle of Joy, I like the sound of that, and that musical fountain is a sight to behold! I hope we can visit Quezon Memorial Circle, too, one of these days.

Anonymous said...

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Raft3r said...

gala ka palang talaga, ha
san ang susunod na destinasyon natin?

anney said...

Makapasyal nga minsan jan! Ganda pala sa gabi.

chubskulit said...

That's a beautiful park for kids!