Monday, January 3, 2011

Facing 2011 and Enjoying It

It's already 2011! New beginnings, new resolutions and new hope!

What better way to welcome 2011 than to feel fresh, rejuvenated and physically renewed! Days before 2011, I won an Aescultura Acne Clearing Facial GC from Kim of Beauty Addict. (Thanks, Kim!) I had second thoughts in availing it since the clinic is far from where I live. But I believe I deserved some pampering during the holidays, so off to Aescultura I went.

The Aescultura GC which Kim sent me through Air21

Honestly, what made me fret in going to Aescultura are the words Art and Science of Beauty. I don't know why. Maybe because as a graphic designer, I am so used to Photoshopping the models' flaws in the marketing collaterals that I design that I sometimes associate Art and Beauty with manipulation, digital or not. And with news of beauty operations performed by fly-by-night doctors left and right, I worry about coming out of that clinic with a scarred face! :)

But my worries are baseless. Sarah, the facialist told me that I have good skin and she didn't have a hard time treating my skin imperfections. She was also very careful and gentle. After that facial, I promised to get rid of my warts next. I have a bad number of them in my face and they really bother me. :(

With treatment rooms and beauty equipments like these,
I know I can get rid of my warts with as little pain possible. :)

This is me before the facial. I forgot to take a pic of me after!
I had tiny bumps on my face because of the treatment.
But the tiny scar and bumps were gone in a few days.

Yes, I feel refreshed after that facial. I also feel that this year is another great and wonderful year for me. May we all have a blessed 2011! :)

Aescultura Art and Science of Beauty
Future Point Plaza One, 112 Panay Ave.,
South Triangle, Quezon City
+632 3765969 | +632 3724533


ailecgee said...

What a nice way to start the year! Getting a facial treatment in my personal opinion, somehow uplift your spirit. Kahit you know that there's nothing wrong with your skin. e. ikaw pa! beauting-beauty na!I don't think you needed that! he he..

Blessed New Year to you Beth!

Ang ganda/pogi ninyo lahat sa last pic.

chubskulit said...

Wohoooo buti pa yan may time pa magpabyuti heheheh... Love the last pic Beth!

Vic said...

happy new year beth! :)

ang sakit magpafacial eh... :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

Happy 2011 Beth!

Raft3r said...

what a nice way to start the year
happy 2011, beth

Tetcha said...

You're looking great in the picture, Mommy. I bet you look even better now after the facial. I should have a facial treatment, too. That would be a good birthday present for myself.