Monday, January 17, 2011

A Mega Stop Over

Going to the province is one of my fave things to do. I like a breather from the traffic and pollution, and the kids like it, too.
Gabby and Sunday while waiting for our service (a.k.a. my sister's car!)

But when you're bringing your kids along, just remember: Bring lots of things that will entertain them or make the long trip or vacation less boring.

Let them enjoy nature. That's what provinces are for:
the abundance of anything green and brown! :)

Bring enough food. Or be ready for whims.

But this time, it was my sister who craved for Chowking Halo-Halo. We stopped over at Mega Station to refill our stomachs after a long journey.
Caltex Mega Station is in NLEX, San Fernando, Pampanga. Aside from other sports stores like Adidas, the Mega Station also boasts of the biggest Nike Factory Store in the country.

My sister bought his son a motorbike in Raptor Sports.
She also bought Sunday a Blender and Shake Kitchen set, and Gabby a toy car.

Buying from stores in far places like Caltex Mega Station has taught me valuable lessons. We were already home when I discovered that an important part in Sunday's Blender set was missing! Had I known, I wouldn't let my sister buy that. Sunday was able to use the Blender but not the Shaker. Regrets. :( It would have been a different story if the toy was just bought in a department store near our house. Next time, I will be wiser and I will inspect all the parts of the product I am buying before I purchase it. (As for the Raptor Sports, I am not really sure if they were aware that a part was missing in the Kitchen Set. I dont' want to judge. I just wish I am their last unhappy customer.)

But I'm the type who always try to see the good/positive side of things. I just thought then that the happy moments in the province overshadow that sad incident. And for that, I will surely be back in the province in no time!


rjs mama said...

you can return to the store and ask them to give you the missing part :) or exchange it with the same toy with complete parts

♥peachkins♥ said...

Sayang naman. Ang layo kasi buti kung sa SM yan binili na malapit lang sa inyo madali papalitan...

Ang cu-cute ng mga toys na yan ano???Nakakita ako ng Blender, ice cream maker, chips maker...mga ganun..

chubskulit said...

I miss living in a province, daming pwede puntahan at gawin.. Glad you got the card even if it's late hehehe..

Tita Beng said...

Saan ang province nyo Beth? Buti ka pa, may nauuwiang probinsya!
Yan lang nga ang problema sa mga shopping-ngan na malalayo, di mo maipalit ang dapat palitan. Para sadyain mo babayad ka pa ng toll fee sa NLEX, na pwede na pambili ng ibang toy. Nag-enjoy naman sila Sunday eh, ok na yun. Lol!

Keep smiling!

Raft3r said...

masarap magpunta sa probinsya
lalo na't pag may dalang iPad

beth, batiin mo naman si Raft3r
3 years old na ang blog nya!

anney said...

Ay sayang naman at may missing part yung toy. Ang layo pa namn yata talaga ng pinagbilhan nyo. YUng sa infinity pool nga pala malakas talaga mga loob namin tumayo kasi may parang terrace sya sa gilid ng pool at may harang talaga para safe. Pero binabawalan kami nung guard na tumayo dun at mag pa picture matigas lang ulo namin. hehehe! Kasi pag nahulog ka baka nga naman mapilayan kasi semento yung babagsakan though di naman sya ganun kalalim.

Anonymous said...

provinces have their advantages. isa din yan sa mga dahilan bakit hindi ako mabubuhay sa city eh.

Ria said...

What a nice way to unwind and get out of the manic city life.

As for missing stuff, I think it's really wise to check the merchandise before hitting off. Saves everyone the time and hassle.

I am considering Malolos, Bulacan as my next and permanent home in the near future. I am already on the look-out for affordable lot price in a safe and accessible location.

Can't wait :)

God Bless and enjoy the weekend.
Ria C

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dong ho said...

hahaha... you're right about bringing everything that will entertain them along the way or else...

looks like they had fun.