Monday, January 11, 2010

SCTEx before 2010

Before 2010 ushered in, we went to the province. The kids were so excited about it days before because they're like me. We all love the countryside!:)

On our way there, we took the SCTEx route because it was faster and the view is better. I was able to pass by SCTEx before when I did photo shoots for a menu in a hotel. But I didn't appreciate it then because it was past 1pm and I was thinking of work. And now that we passed there leisurely, I really enjoyed the view!
Mt. Arayat seemed nearer when viewed from SCTEx.
Green everywhere!
Countryside here!
A portion of the longest tollway in the Philippines
I don't know how I should feel about this. The mountain is divided in two, leveled and cemented to give way to the construction of the tollway. What a price nature has to pay for our comfort
and modernization of life!
A part of the mountain made stronger by cemented
rocks to prevent landslide
Another mountain crying here!
My kids taking a rest in a hammock

Honestly, I felt sad when I saw those mountains. But then again, I felt good when I saw my kids happy and relaxed when we reached our destination in no time. The tollway helped us travel faster. I just hope that with modernization comes our responsibility to take care of nature, too. By letting my kids discover places and teaching them to love Mother Nature, I know I have started them on the right track. I just hope they're good learners!

Have a happy week ahead! :)


jojigirl said...

Oh, you just refreshed my memory of my trip to Clark and Subic last year.

chubskulit said...

I bet the kids had so much fun Beth. Belated happy birthday kay Sunday. Kumusta ka na?

rossel said...

we love country side too. life is simpler and the pollution is less. i am sorry about the mountains. kailan kaya matututo ang mga kababayan natin na mahalin ang kalikasan?

Marice said...

love driving there too ;) u wont notice your overspeeding na pala hahah

your kids are both adorable sis!

onlinemommy said...

It is important to teach our kids love Mother Earth. For one good reason, this is the only planet we can live :D

I enjoyed viewing your photos.

Thank thanks!