Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Sunday's 6th Birthday!

How time flies! Sunday is now six years old. And before I knew it, she would be sixteen in no time. I really should be spending more time with her before some men takes her attention! Or before she prefers to tag along with her girl friends than to tug at my dress and ask me for a stroll at the mall! (Am I worrying too early?)

Anyway, last January 4, we celebrated her birthday at our house. We should have celebrated it the day before but we waited for her Tita Barbie who came Sunday night from UK.
Sunday before she mingled with her guests

Her birthday cake
We were happy because although it was a Monday,
some of her cousins still attended and celebrated with her.

Happy Birthday to my princess! :)


onlinemommy said...

Happy Birthday to your Sunday :) Pareho pala kaming January :)

Btw, sis, I want to inform you that I've already drawn the winners for my thanksgiving contest which you volunteered to sponsor for site button/badges of the three winners.
They are Mel of My Journey to Life, Sam of A Mom's Life and Loves and Leilani of Travelin' With Marie. I hope you can communicate with them directly.

Thanks and God bless!

Chris said...

sigh. we have the same sentiments! kyla will turn 6 soon... it might be silly but the thought brings tears to my eyes...

happy birthday to your little girl :)

SASSY MOM said...

Happy Birthday, Sunday!

Yes, Mommy time really flies fast. I remember my daughter was like Sunday before.. look at her now. She's a teenager.

Enchie said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Sunday!!!

nuts said...

hello mommy beth, it's been a while.. how are you na? happy birthday to your princess..

shydub said...

Napa days of the week naman name ng anak mo sis, Sunday akala ko you mean the sunday as in day hehehe, She is pretty and grown up to be one fine young lady.

Happy Birthday Sunday! May all your dreams come true.

melandria said...

Happy birthday to your lovely daughter.

eden said...

hello beth!
belated happy b-day to your cute beautiful angel. May all her dreams come true..

ppp said...

hi mommy beth,
belated na lang sa maganda mong anak na si sunday. katulad kasi ni mommy maganda rin kaya ayan nag iisip ka na ng advance na baka isang araw e humingi ng permiso sayo para makagala with friends. ingat lagi

Joops said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Sunday Ms. Beth! our son will turn 3 this Friday.