Monday, January 11, 2010

Keeping Memories with School Keepsake Book

There are many moms out there who love to take pictures of their kids and keep whatever it is that will remind them of their kids’ childhood. I am one of them.

When my kids were born, would you believe that I kept their umbilical stumps in zip lock plastics and hid them in an envelope? I also kept strands of their hair when they had their first haircut. When they received gifts like feeding bottles, baby dresses, and nap mat, I would take pictures of them so I will remember how my kids were loved and lavished when they were young. But when a strong typhoon sent knee-deep waters on our house, we lost some of my kids’ keepsakes. I just wish I was wiser then to buy stuffs like penny laine baby book to keep some of my kids’ childhood mementos and place them in a place safe from flood and fire.

And when my kids started going to school, I was all the more excited! I wanted to keep almost all the things that will remind me of their first year in preschool or even their years in big school. I kept all their test papers, their artworks, their cutouts and even their doodles! But I realized as I was cleaning our cabinets, I cannot keep all their test papers because they will pile up! So I decided to scan most of them, especially the ones they took in preschool and saved them in disks. But saving them on disks has some disadvantages. When some of their godparents drop by and ask how they were doing in school, I cannot easily show them my kids’ test papers. They just have to content themselves in listening to my kids answer our encyclopedic questions. Of course, they can’t answer all of them correctly! We’re just proud that Gabby loves to answer trivia questions and Sunday loves to explain things the way she sees them.:) But then again, I just wish I have a school keepsake book so I can keep track of their activities and performance in school and show them to people who are concerned about their studies. I think I should buy one soon!

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this looks interesting ha!! :D by the way, hope to see you at Mommy Moments ulit.. :)