Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Beginnings

“New Year's Day is every man's birthday.”- Charles Lamb

New Year means new hopes and new beginnings for all of us.
Though there is a worldwide financial crisis right now, I still believe that our faith in God and ourselves will see us through. I have listed some New Year’s resolutions which I’m very determined to do, no matter what. I really think some are difficult to do but I’ll still do them anyway! (Clue: weight management! lol)

I’m also giving a new look* to my blog. I always wanted to do this but just didn’t have the time. Why I used orange? I love red and any color that has hues of it!
Orange is vibrant and denotes energy and warmth. It is also a color of summer and I love summer! It is a citrus color which denotes good health---one of my prayers for my family this year!

Happy 2009 to all of us!!!

*credit to Scrapbook Flair for the butterfly images


Evan's Mom said...

Happy new year. Nice header, I love orange too :)

Mom of Four said...

Header is pretty..HI there, how is it going? I don't know what kind of New Year's resolution I need, since I can never stick to it anyways, hahaha! I am not going to go shopping for nonsense anymore? Hmmm.."But, but,'s so cheap HOney, I can send it to the Philippines..."

Happy New Year to you and to the rest of your family..

Dee said...

Wow! It's really pretty. The header is so eye-catching. I like orange too. Nice work.

On new year's resolutions, I stopped doing that since I couldn't really keep track on all of it...but I promise myself I'm gonna diet for good :).

I'll add you to my blog roll too. Thanks and Happy New Year!

niko said...

nice header dear!!! who made that??? congrats!!! i love it..

i dont have any new year's resolution anymore :( kasi i am a very crazy wife!! whohohohoh

hope u have a very happy happy new year ahead dearie!!

tc mwah

Elizabeth said...

Hi Evan's Mom: Thanks for the compliment! Already added you!:D

Liz: thanks too for the compliment! Women always love to shop! Kaka-addict! :D

Dee: thanks for the compliment! I'm going to do serious dieting too! hehehe (I wish!)

Niko: Niks, I designed the header, I used the butterfly which you can get for free at Scrapbook Flair site. Thanks for the compliment!:D

Raft3r said...

happy 2009, beth!!!

chubskulit said...

I love the header Beth, if you have time try to grab the award i have for you at O&G...