Monday, December 22, 2008

PSI Volunteers at Missionaries of Charity

This isn’t telling the right hand what the left hand is doing.

This is just to remind myself to do outreach at least once a year! I’m really determined to do this! The spirit of volunteerism has been with me, but sometimes my work and my family hinders me from doing so. I’ve always wanted to help others, especially kids.

I was Sunday School teacher to 4-8 year old kids for many years and I miss doing that. :(

Anyway, now that 2009 is approaching, I promise that I will share more of myself and my skills and talents to others especially the ones that need them most---less fortunate children!

Anyway, these are the pics from PSI Outreach last December 13, 2008. I attended the Leadership seminar last June and PSI admin asked those who attended the seminars for volunteers on this outreach. I immediately said yes. I only have to be there and help with the distribution of food and gifts to the kids. No sweat! :D (That’s what I thought: the sun was determined to roast us that day and the makeshift shade was a little help. Anyway, I enjoyed the day!)

PSI volunteers

Kids at Missionaries of Charity---all 900 of them!

Posed with Anselm, a native of India,
who I talked with for almost an hour!

Missionaries of Charity is located in Tayuman, Manila and they can be reached at telephone number (632) 252-3870.


SearchingWellness said...

That's a very fruitful way of spending Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

PaJAY said...

Ang rameeng Chicks a!..e este,mga bata pala..pwedeng pakilala sa kanila?....hehehe..

Ano pa nga bat naiinggit na naman ako...Gusto kong gawin yang ginagawa nyo kaso alang lumalapit upang kunin ang donasyon ko...hahaha..mukha nga talaga siguro akong walang pera...lolz..

Merry Christmas sayo Ma'am Beth....

Raft3r said...

wow naman
good for you

mahilig din ako mag-volunteer
lalo na noong college

pero tama ka
oras ang kalaban mo dyan, eh

sana makatulo uli ko
sarap kasi ng feeling, eh

Chyng said...

Hi beth!

Im just wondering, are those the same kids that we held the party for? Andameng bata no? Yearly niyo ba yan gingawa sa missionaries of Cahrity? Or meron din kayong ibang charity home?

amiable amy said...

wow...galing naman ni Beth...i love doing this kind of charity

Umma said...

Wow Liz, Im so proud of you, how I wish I have an opportunity to do like this with the less fortunate kids.
I even promised myself that I will sponsor some qualified kids to send to school so I will be able to share my blessings.

Elizabeth said...

iris of searching wellness: yes, very fruitful indeed. Merry Christmas to you too!!!

sir pajay: magagawa mo din to in a diff way like giving donations by sending them thru remittance right? :D anyway, sobrang Merry Christmas sa yo diyan!!! lam ko, mlungkot ang Christmas diyan e (hehehe, pinaalala pa...) :D

Raft3r: yes, sarap nga ng feeling pag nakatulong, esp if it's helping from the heart

Chyng: i don't know, e. the nuns said they're their students every Sunday. oo, daming bata! :D

amy: oops! of course, the credit should be dun sa mga nagbigay ng goodies! :D sobrang generous nila talaga, from food to the kids' slippers, they gave!

umma: yes, i know you really want to do that and I believe you will. having known you for a short while, you have a very generous heart!!

Theraconcepts said...

The feeling afterwards must have been priceless. Great job volunteers!

Merry Christmas!

Ornest said...

Great job! Helping those in need is one of the Lord's command :D God bless all those kids and all the volunteers.

"Q" said...

nakakamiss ang mga ganitong activities. i used to do this yearly dati. God bless you sis!

Edelweiza said...

wow...this is cool! i mean, i've long wanted to be a volunteer in a charity work but somehow, my heavy workload and extra responsibilities get in the way...

truly, you have a big heart.merry CHRISTmas and God bless you more! :)