Saturday, January 24, 2009


I don’t want my kids to “inherit” my sleeping habit.
As what I’ve mentioned here, sleep is a luxury I cannot afford to have all the time. So when I doze off, it’s a house rule that no one disturbs me, not even when the bill collector is already at the front door and the money is with me! :)
I know how important sleep is to my kids and I’ll do anything to let them have most of it. It will help them grow faster and smarter and be always in the right mood. A sleepless child is a grumpy child, right?
I chanced upon Johnson's Baby Nursery. It evaluated my kids’ sleeping habits when they were young and based on the results, my kids’ sleep habits are just normal. So that means, more eye shut for me too that time!
Here are the results on their sleep when they were aged -2 years old.

Gabby's Sleep Profile: Normal

Sunday's Sleep Profile: Excellent

Also, Sleep For Kids is a website that help us know more about sleep and its benefits. It also has games and activities that your child can do to help them understand the importance of sleep better, bedtime stories (about sleep, of course!), sleep diary and other stuff that will surely help us get more Zzzzz time!
I think I need this more! :) Happy sleeping to me later!

PS: The contest on the J&J site is already finished.


JiLL said...

This reminds me that I should get enough sleep for me too. Being enrolled in nursing gives me a hard time finding time to sleep. I agree with you. Sleeping conditions our mind and helps us start the day right. :)

SearchingWellness said...

Hey Beth, I tried that J&J sleep test before and my baby's sleeping habit was not good at all. I made a 180 degree adjustment and she is doing soooo much better now. It's mommy who needs to change her habits.