Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Kids "Brush" with GMA

I was one of the happiest persons on earth last week when I found some of my kids’ lost photos. Sometime last year, our computer crashed and not even PC Express can salvage it. It needed reformatting and they had to delete all the files that were there---including some of our several years old photos!

Fred and I were so sad because most of the photos are milestones. Their first walk, their first ice cream, their first bike ride, etc. Good thing because I uploaded some of them on my Flicker site. But of course, nothing compares to having the complete files.

Last week, I was checking all the CDs, old and new, looking for a client’s old file, when I noticed a CD labeled “Ate Honey’s Wedding”. I immediately grabbed and inserted it on the CD Reader and voila! some of my kids’ pics stared at me! I was so happy! These were the pictures that some of my husband’s relatives were looking for. See why:

A grand wedding just finished before Ate Honey's wedding at San Agustin Church and Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was there. We took pics of her.

Gabby was prodded by his grandma and grandtita to shake GMA's hand. Look at his expression, as if asking: "Who is this I am shaking hands with?" :D

Gabby was the Bible Bearer at her Tita Honey's wedding.
We really thought he won't do it but he did---with flying colors!
Sunday enjoyed the shower of petals when the newly-wed couple left.
Nothing compares to the joy of finding lost records of some of our precious moments. I'm so glad I did!


PAJAY said...

wahahaha....di ko mapigilang mag comment nang makita ko mga cute kids mo......buti p sila nahawakan na ni GMA.....ang swerte ni GMA>>>lolz..

just dropin by....Hav a nice wikend...

amiable amy said...

good job....buti nakita mo pa yan....worth saving nanjan pa si President happy for you

Scott said...

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SCZ said...

You are a very lucky parent!

Edelweiza said...

wow, brushing elbows with PGMA..hehe. :)