Monday, November 3, 2008

Bye Forever, Robby!

Today is a gloomy day for me and the kids. Robby, our pet rabbit died. She was given to us by their grandfather, Lolo Tiw. She was such a very active rabbit. She would hop happily whenever we take her out of her cage. She would even cuddle in our feet whenever she sees us. She loves the warmth of our skin against her fur. She was also litter-can trained very easily.

Gabby, Sunday and Robby
There was something though that we noticed when we let her out the first time. She can’t sit tight. Her feet slide sideward. There must be something wrong on her feet, we thought. But that doesn’t stop her from moving carelessly around the house. Is she injured?

Yesterday, Fred unknowingly, gave her a bath. And hours later, she was so silent and sleepy. I asked Fred what he did. He told me that he just gave Robby a bath but he just left her to dry by herself! I gasped, “What?!? She will feel too cold…” Then I immediately grabbed a towel, wrapped it around Robby and hugged her. I know it was too late. I can see that Robby is too weak. I gave her food so she will have the energy but she was too weak to eat. She ate so little.

I asked Fred to return Robby to his mother’s house, which is just a block away, because I can’t bear to see her in that state. I would just bring her veggies everyday.

And today, I visited her with a plasticful of kangkong leaves. To my surprise, Nanay said Robby was gone. Just this morning. I was so sad. How will I tell the kids? I know they’ll understand but they will surely be sad.

It was only then that we realized that we shouldn’t have given her a bath. Rabbits don’t need it. It will take away the natural coat of oil on their fur. Hah…we learned our lesson the hard way.

When I was about to leave my mother-in-law’s house, her sister, Nenen, told me to tell the kids that she’s going to buy them a new one. But I said no. Not now. I will cherish Robby's memories first. (Is it too obvious that I am the most affected?:D) I will just let days or weeks pass by before we have another rabbit to replace Robby. For sure, when that rabbit comes, it will be well-taken care of this time.

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