Monday, November 10, 2008

A Day as TinkerBell: Yannie’s 1st Bday Celebration

When McDonald’s first introduced Tinkerbell as birthday theme, I knew it would click especially to moms with young daughters who they want to dress up in whimsy gowns.

Yannie in Tinkerbell costume

Pao in Peter Pan costume
Yannie, my husband’s niece, was dressed up like Tinkerbell on her first birthday. Her mom, Ate Honey, even went to Divisoria, to have her dress made. The green dress had purple petal-like trimmings on the waist for that “enchanting” touch. A pair of white with green wave wings was bought from Divisoria, too. The look was finished with purple ponytails and silver TinkerBell shoes. Her brother Paolo donned a Peter Pan outfit. What well thought of costumes!
Rating: 10

Yannie's Tinkerbell tarp designed by hubby
Since only the name of Yannie will be placed in the dropdown tarps of Tinkerbell characters, Ate Honey decided to ask Fred, my husband, to design the tarp. The guests were happy with the design because Yannie’s face fitted so well at Tinkerbell’s profile. We love the tarp!
Rating: 10

The cake was ordered from Goldilocks. I wasn’t able to get the exact cost from Nenen, the celebrant’s grandma, who gifted Yannie that delicious cake. Yummy!
Rating: 8 for the design, 9 for the taste

The items on the loot bag (which came in a plastic envelope with Tinkerbell prints), were a coloring book, a Tinkerbell rubiks, a magical window frame and other stuffs which I wasn’t able to see because my kids ran off with them! I don’t know if the Tinkerbell kaleidoscope came with the loot bag or they received it as a prize on one of the games they joined. Sunday won as the loudest shouter of “Happy Birthday, Yannie!”. She received a Tinkerbell mini-xylophone.
Rating: 8

The games were the usual McDonald’s games. Bring me, Happy Birthday Shout, McDonald’s Shopping and the Relay for adults. My daughter got sad because the party host didn’t include the Longest Happy Birthday game. She prepared for it while we were on our way to the venue. I love the design of the Tinkerbell Piñata, the kids love its contents. :D
Rating: 7

It was a birthday happily celebrated! Happy birthday, Yannie!

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