Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Romance, Movies and a Strawberry Cake

The Love Month ushered in with me watching romantic movies. I don't know what gets into me but I seem to be always watching movies when February comes. I realized I still have great faith in love, even after more than ten years of marriage. It surely helps that God is at the center of my partnership with my husband.

I get good insights while watching movies about love. Among these three, my favorite is P.S. I Love You. This movie made me cry a bucket and appreciate my husband's love for me.

On times I am exhausted from daily work, watching this stuff kinda relaxes me.

I must have been overdosed with love notions that the actual Hearts' Day almost passed by without me remembering it. Maybe because nothing unusual or special happened yesterday. Fred didn't give me anything or didn't ask me out.  He reasoned that our anniversary falls three days after so we might as well celebrate on that day. You may not believe me but that has always been fine with me. We are used to doing that since we got married.

Gabby, on the other hand, showed his love for me demonstratively. I wasn't expecting anything because I thought schools here in Riyadh don't celebrate Hearts' Day. But Gabby and Sunday told me that they had a Valentine Classroom Party and Valentine stuff were sold on booths in the school's quadrangle. Gabby bought me a bear. How I loved him for remembering!

Gabby gave me this little pink bear. He never fails to give me gifts on occasions. Such a thoughtful child.

In my workplace, I thought Arabs don't celebrate Valentine's Day. But they do, especially those who are exposed to Western culture and those who studied abroad. They greeted each other and our Syrian marketing officer received pastries and a cake from her fiancé.

Strawberry cake given with love and shared with almost all the staff.
The only regret that I have is not being able to watch movies in theaters. There are no movie houses or theaters in Saudi Arabia. I miss watching a good movie and dining out with my hubby on Hearts' Day. Maybe, we'll do that when we come home to the Philippines. :)
Have a love-filled life!


"Ugly" Ed Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing your post. It's great to see another person that isn't afraid to share their love for God.

I'm not a big chick flick watcher, but I do appreciate a good cry about once a year at a movie.

Ugly Ed Johnson

Chris said...

hi Beth! so good to hear form you again after awhile! :D ow is life there?

thanks for the greetings nga pala ah! ill check on your posts here to see how you and the kids are na! :D

Tita Beng said...

Hello Beth! Thrilled to see you back in blogland! I'm sure your family is doing good over there in Saudi!

I hope you'll always give us an update through this blog of yours.

Stay beautiful as you always are! Ingat!

Tetcha said...

Hi, Beth! It's been a long time since I last visited and I don't even know you're now in Saudi Arabia. How are you? How long will you be staying there? And oh, before I forget, I love that strawberry cake! If Pensive Thoughts is still in your blogroll, please update my link because I've migrated to WP last year and you might not get to read the newer posts if my URL link is not updated.


Beth said...

@Ed: Thanks for dropping by. It's understandable that you're not into chick flicks :)

@Chris: Yes, we're fine, thanks you, Chris! :)

@Ate Beng: Thanks for dropping by! Yes, I'll try to update this blog as often as I can. :)

@Tetcha: That strawberry cake is delicious. But our cakes there in the Phils is better, I believe. :) Thanks for dropping by, Tetcha!

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Anonymous said...

Ps i love you is a great movie, it is actually my favorite movie..