Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My First Intense Sandstorm Experience

One of my main concerns when we went here in Saudi Arabia is the asthma attacks my son Gabby might have when there are sandstorms. So far, in our less than a year here, he only had one attack. And thank God, it was just a mild one.

I always pray that sandstorms in Riyadh will be less in number and intensity. Comparing the sandstorms with that of the typhoons in the Philippines, I can say I've only experienced Signal #1. Until last February 25.

I just got home from work at 1pm when I noticed that the sky was a bit darker than usual. After an hour or so, the wind started blowing hard. I started worrying about my children who were still in school. I knew it was Sandstorm Signal #3 (on my gauge meter) when I went up the rooftop of our house and didn't see the skyscrapers clearly. That included Kingdom Tower and Faisaliah Tower.

When I opened the gate for Gabby and Sunday at 4pm, I barely saw them! The surroundings turned dark and blurry in no time. Below are the videos that tell the tale more clearly:

I checked  for videos on that sandstorm in YouTube and found these two videos.
This is almost what happened when I opened the gate for my kids.

The drivers in this video were speeding it up because the sand
at the left side of the road was catching up on them. And it did, eventually.
See how the light turned into darkness in minutes!

At past 4pm, I had second thoughts on going back to work (I work on broken shift). I was a bit scared but when the driver arrived to pick me up, I had to go.

This is the view on the way to my workplace. It was very brave of the drivers to brave that sandstorm!

I'm so glad it rained. If it didn't, the sandstorm might have continued wreaking havoc on the city.

This is the view near the entrance of the building where I work at 4:45pm. The majestic Kingdom Tower
succumbed to Mother Nature (for a while) and became a giant yet silent witness to its force.

The following day, I decided to bring my camera to take pictures of Kingdom Tower
at exactly 4:45pm. See the difference!
I'm glad that sandstorm was over in hours. I'm grateful there were no casualties and major damage to properties. As long as we're here in Saudi Arabia, I will forever be concerned with sandstorms and its effect on my children's health. But all I need to do is pray. I believe God already heard my prayers when He let it rain last February 25. (Not all sandstorms are followed by rain.) Thank God! :)


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