Saturday, July 23, 2011

Veggies in the City

I would really love to grow my own vegetable garden. And because we don't have a plot of land here in the city, a container garden would do. I love the idea of harvesting fresh vegetables and fruits!

It was this love for everything fresh that made me stop and take some shots on these verdant scenery I discovered one hot Thursday this July.
Imagine seeing pechay growing just below LRT1 station in Manila!
This is in UN Avenue, a very busy thoroughfare. But look at the veggies.
They're green! And they're healthy!

I'm not sure if this is part of Senator Angara's Oh My Gulay! advocacy. Or it can be one of the projects of the city government or the World Health Organization which is located along UN Avenue. I really don't know who spearheaded this. But I'm happy that someone did.

I didn't like the sight of empty candy wrappers and cigarette butts near the plants. *Sigh. There are some people who don't realize our country's agricultural wealth. (Read: how rich our soil is and how conducive it is to growing anything thrown at it.)

There were other vegetables growing in that sidewalk. I remember seeing papaya trees. Whoever thought of this, I commend him. I wish to see more of this on the streets of Makati and other busy thoroughfares! It's time we all live a healthy life in a healthy environment. :)

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