Monday, July 11, 2011

To Blog or Not To Blog

Tonight, I thought, should I renew GoDaddy's domain hosting of my blog or not?

When I received an email last month telling me that my blog's domain name was about to expire, I just archived it and almost forgot about it. I didn't lose interest in blogging. I was just so busy with so many things. A full-time job, teaching the kids and helping them with their assignments when I return from work, and chatting with husband before I go to sleep. Weekends are spent on bonding with the kids, grocery/shopping, and teaching the kids (again) and going to church on Sundays.

Learning photography: One of the things I am busy with right now

So if I renew the hosting and not blog, I am just wasting my money. But if I don't, someone else will get my precious domain name. :D As usual, human nature got the better of me. (Translation: I don't want others to own my domain name! Haha!) Tonight, just days before the hosting expires, (and while I am writing this), I logged in to GoDaddy and fill the cart with this blog's current domain name and clicked Place Order. There.

For the meantime, I will go to sleep and forget about blogging for a night. After all, this blog's domain name is still mine. For a year, at least. :D

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