Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Dream of Going to Batanes Someday

My husband’s “No!” is sometimes my “Yes!”

Working in another country and thousands of miles away, Fred requested that I do not travel anywhere far. He cannot bear the thought that I am in this or that province and not safely seated in front of our desktop computer chatting with him. I understand him and how he feels. He is just worried that something might happen to us while he is away. But I always love to travel! That’s the main reason this blog was aptly addressed I’ve always wanted to explore and discover new places.

Just like Batanes. It is always included in my Top 5 Must-Visit Destinations list. I dream of going there since my college days when I was still free to go anywhere I please! That dream was deeply embedded in my subconscious that when I watched the movie Leap Year, I almost thought that the rolling hills and staggering coasts of Ireland were that of Batanes. Believe me, I was so fascinated with that National Geographic documentary-like movie that I watched it more than ten times! But I know I don't have to go to Ireland to appreciate those sceneries. Batanes is Ireland’s countryside, Asian version. And maybe, even better!

I would love to see Batanes's green landscape and blue waters!

Seeing these rugged cliffs would be a dream come true!

This is what I look for in a perfect tourist destination.
For me, a getaway is not a getaway if it doesn't have long, sandy beaches!

When I told Fred that Seair is holding a contest on Batanes Winter Bloggers' Tour and showed him the images of that stunning province, he immediately said, "Join! Join Seair's contest!" to my surprise. What happened to all his apprehensions? He said he finally realized that while working there, my world, including that of our kids, should not stop revolving. We should continue to discover new places and things while he also explores the sights and wonders of Saudi Arabia.

Fred plans to take us to Saudi Arabia because he foresees that he will be working there for a long time. His employer has already given him the go signal and promised financial support for our transportation and housing. God willing, the kids and I will be with him when he renews his contract. While waiting for that time to come, I think it's best that I continue exploring our homeland. And the best way to start again is on top. Geographically, that is Batanes.

Fred’s “No!” became a “Yes!” this time. It only took Batanes to make him agree. :)

Update: I didn't win in this contest. But it's alright. The winners all deserved to win. :)


Yami said...

Hi Beth. Ay ako din gusto ko makarating sa Batanes. Sarap siguro diyan.

I hope you win this contest! :)

Chris said...

wow... batanes is so beautiful pala! must include it in the must visit places here in our country! :D

Tita Beng said...

Alam mo Beth, yang Batanes talaga ang plano namin puntahan and not Bohol-Cebu. Kaya lang, medyo malaki ang need na budget eh. 20K/pax against sa 10K/pax ng Cebu/Bhol. Sana magkaroon ng promo fare ang Seair sa Batanes! Definitely, we won't let it pass by!

Wishing you the best of luck in this contest! God bless!

Beth said...

@Yami: Oo nga, I wish makarating tayo sa Batanes! :)

@Chris: Yes, Chris. Sobrang ganda ng Batanes, buti na nga lang me flights na dun e. Dati kasi, wala. :)

@Ate Beng: Nku, mahal pala talaga no? Sna nga manalo ako para makapunta na ako sa Batanes! I will pray for it talaga! :)

Mrs. Kolca said...

Hey, I've been wanting to visit Batanes also. Problem is, it's too far and you need to pick the dry season in order to enjoy the island. Plus, it's kinda expensive compare to Palawan or Boracay.

Hi there! Visiting you back.

Mayet said...

ganda naman sa Batanes! sarap pumasyal.

goodluck sa contest!

Beth said...

@Mrs. Kolca: Oo nga, lahat yata ng nakakausap ko, gusto makapunta sa Batanes. Just like me. :)

@Mayet: Oo nga, sobrang saya ko siguro pag nakapasyal ako dun! :)

Er said...

Kapian Dios.. welcome to Batanes.

i_am_mark said...

Hi Ms. Beth! Yes, Batanes is such a beautiful place! I haven't been there myself, but based on what I read and see, the island is truly a paradise! ;) I hope you fulfill your dream of going there --- sana buong pamilya mo rin.

Beth said...

@ER: When I checked on your blog, the more I thought that sobrang ganda ng Batanes! :) Thanks for dropping by!

@Mark: Oo nga, dream ko din yan, to see Batanes with Fred and the kids! :)

Jona said...

it's a childhood dream to go to Batanes. It's not so commercialized compared to other destinations being at the top most part of the Philippines, hence, a very serene place to have a vacation.

thanks for the visit and add Beth. Will add you now!

Mommy Moments this week

imriz said...

followed u here,sis.

maybe this is the best time to go there, as there's no threat of a storm:)))

take care.

Mauie Flores said...

Good luck!

Raft3r said...

congratulations in advance!
maganda talaga dyan sa batanes!

khaye said...

Batanes! sa eatbulaga ko lang naririnig yan. Ganda pala d'yan. hope you can visit my blog

Beth said...

@Jona: Oo nga, e. Minsan pag super stressed na tayo, lalo na for a working mom like me, nku, I really welcome the idea of a visiting a serene place just like Batanes :)

@Imriz: Sna nga manalo ako para maranasan ko naman ang winter :)

@Mauie: Thanks, Mauie!

@Rafter: Hehehe, oo nga, maganda talaga dun, sa pics pa lang :)

@Khaye: Hehehe, un nga naririnig ko e, sa Eat Bulaga jingle lang daw nila alam un Batanes. Ako nga, college pa lang, dream ko na makapunta dun e. hehehe, me kids na ko, di pa din ako nakakapunta! :)

nuts said...

hi beth, dream destination ko din Batanes.. goodluck, sana manalo ka dito.

Raft3r said...

i'm here
pero wala pa din yun ice cream post
excited ba ako sobra?

dong ho said...

yihaa! batanes is definitely a must see at least once in your life.

Kathrina said...

Can i copy your image? ung Batanes Kay Ganda? Thanks!:)

Angie said...

Hi Beth! Have you visited Batanes yet? It's 2012 Already!!! Visit na with your family