Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Day at the Market

I thought of bringing Gabby and Sunday to Market! Market! at The Fort because I haven’t been there myself. My officemates told me that there was this sports store in the 5th floor that offers running shoes at discounted prices. We went there lunchtime. Although I’m also window shopping for LCD TV and maybe a TV table to go with it, I decided to bring the kids out for some fresh air! I was a bit disappointed because the mall was kind of crowded. But it was understandable because of the holiday rush.

The Market! Market! shopping mall

The Serendra beside Market! Market!

This Serendra Piazza is best visited at night.
Perfect for gimmicks and meeting with friends or a date.

The Play Zone of Market! Market! with the Serendra at the back

Gabby and Sunday didn't leave Market! Market!
without trying its Play Zone.

Before heading home, Gabby and Sunday enjoyed looking at
these animal sculptures with their bodies covered with plants.

It was a fine weekend for the kids. I hope you'll have a fine one, too! :)


Raft3r said...

Matao talaga sa market! market!

High street ang paborito ko
Daming cute girls na may dala-dalang doggies

Rossel said...

my daughter loves the playzone in market market too. those are nice sculptures.

parang ang tagal kong hindi nakadalaw dito. sensya na, sis. busy lang.

Tita Beng said...

Been to Market, Market only once but haven't explored the place much. Ganda pala ng paligid!

The kids for sure had lots of fun. Good for them!

Oh yeah, we had a wonderful weekend too! Take care always Beth!

pinayrichmom said...

Market, Market, along with Serendra and Boni High Street are a few of the places we visit often. Yung mall, maraming tao lagi, but Serendra and Boni High Street are spacious kaya masarap mamasyal kahit madaming tao. Hope you enjoyed your first visit to Market, Market! :)

chubskulit said...

Di pa ako nakarating dyan heheh, love her last shot!

Liz said...

I only went there once, sobrang tagal na nun. :)

Thanks for stopping by. :) Hope to see you again soon.

Happy Thursday!

Jona said...

miss going to Market market. when we still live in Taguig, we go there almost every week.
A time to Weep and A Time to Laugh

Jes said...

ang ganda tlga ng market market...ang layu nga lang samin...but when hubby was there working pa b4....madalas ako dyan sa taguig not in market market ahahha ;))

salamat sa dalaw...hope i could finish n the balloon xmas tree...ill post it soon...busy busyhan p lola mo eh ;)

nuts said...

wow, ganda nga, i think four years ago na nak visit sa market market and that was during my daughter's field trip pa, malayo kasi in our place.