Friday, October 22, 2010

A River Runs Through It

I wasn't able to post my to-do list for this month. It was just in my Drafts folder and before I knew it, it's just a matter of days before November.

Included in my October list is to join a 5K marathon. I don't join races just for bragging rights. I always consider the cause or where the proceeds of the race will go before I join. When my officemates asked if I will sign up for the Run for Pasig River 10.10.10, I immediately said yes because I know the proceeds will be used for the rehabilitation of Pasig River, a 27-kilometer body of water traversing across Metro Manila and connecting the Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay.

The Pasig Run was also an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest eco-foot race in the world. But with the record beaten or not, I don't care anymore. Being able to participate meant more.

Here are the highlights of my Pasig Run experience:
The fun run started almost on time. And I admire the organizers for that.

Students from different schools joined. And they came in their school's colors.

I saw an elderly, which we fondly named Lola, taking a break from the run. Take note of her bib: she ran for 5K! What a determination! :)

We didn't worry about accidents because there were
paramedics just waiting for injured runners.
Plus points for the organizers.

After running for two kilometers and just walking the rest of the distance, finally we reached the finish line. I have to commend the organizers for the rehydration of the runners. Maynilad provided water every 1.5-kilometer. I didn't get thirsty at all! Plus points again for the organizers.

This is where the organizers failed. Thousands ran so it was expected that thousands will line up for their finisher's band. There were no signages to show where runners can claim their bands. We just asked around. Only to find out after almost half an hour of falling in line and beating the heat, that two more tents/booths were designated for the distribution of the finisher's bands. And again, no signages or markers to lead you there. Minus points here.

Finally, our finisher's band! This band was made by the residents of BayaniJuan in Calauan, Laguna. BayaniJuan is the official resettlement site of the Kapit Bisig para sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP).

Overall, it was an experience! I don't regret having joined one historic run for one valuable cause. KBPIP and other government and private agencies would certainly love to see the dying Pasig river get back to life and look like this in the future.
One step at a time, I believe Pasig River will look like this. :)

Happy weekend, everyone! :)


nuts said...

congrats! you're part of the successful event. my niece joined the Run too and it was fun. i hope to bring back the life of good old pasig.

Hazel said...

Congratulations, Beth. It is a wonderful cause I wish I could experience one day; though not for the same reason as Pasig will hopefully no longer need an event like this by then. Musta na?

Tita Beng said...

Congrats for finishing the run and joining for a good cause. You look very pretty in the photos!

Raft3r said...

runner ka na
good for you
maigi yan sa kalusugan

crush ko yun kasama mong lola sa pix

dong ho said...

great for you beth! havent really had the chance yet of joining fun run though ive been planning to. in the right time i will.

Beth said...

@nuts: sana nga mabuhay uli ang Ilog Pasig! :)

@Hazel: Yes, sana nga, no need na for fun run or any fund raising activities kasi ok na un Pasig River. :) I'm fine, will visit you Hazel! :)

@Ate Beng: Thanks, you always mention that, Ate beng! *blush :)

@Rafter: Hehehe, if you see her talga, mapapabilib ka! Naka-stocking lang siya! No rubber shoes! :)
PS; Di pa ko runner na mtatawag. Pag naka-10K ako, sige runner na ko nun! :)

@Dong Ho: I'll look forward to your posts on running! :)

Mommy Liz said...

Wow, you seemed to have so much fun at the run. Di ako nakakatakbo eh, tamad kasi ako hehhee...

Jona said...

wow talo pa ko ni Lola! di ko kaya ito :) great job! thanks!

A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Raft3r said...

happy all saints' day, beth!
"dalawin" mo naman ako

ingat dyan!

Beth said...

@Liz: hehehe, ako din tinatamad na uli hahaha!

@Jona: oo nga, kakainspire si Lola!

@Rafter: hehehe, sige "dalawin" kita...

Chris said...

wow! someday, i want me and my family to join in a fun run too.. i think it is a good experience!