Monday, August 30, 2010

An Accident One Fine Sunday

Everybody loves Innova. So goes the tagline of one of Toyota’s commercial vehicles. I would like to own one, too, until last Sunday.

It was past 10 a.m. and the kids and I were on taxi going to church when I heard a loud screech. It was too late to even look where it was coming from because the source, a Toyota Innova, collided with the taxi we’re in. The first thing I did was ask the kids if they were okay. Gabby was flushing and Sunday looked dizzy. They were hurt!

I saw the driver of the Innova approached us and said something. The traffic officer said something about “going to Traffic Makati” but their words were just mumbles that didn’t sink in until I felt okay later. I didn’t care about filing a case against the driver; I was more worried with my kids so I decided to bring them to Makati Medical Center, the nearest hospital.

Gabby and Sunday with ice packs on their head and knee.
After check-ups and x-rays, the doctors said Gabby and Sunday were okay. I just need to observe them for 24 hours, and watch for some signs of internal injuries: sleepiness, vomiting, and headache.

After paying the bill, I had second thoughts in going to the precinct where the taxi and Innova drivers were. I just wanted us to eat lunch and rest. But my conscience told me otherwise so we headed to Makati Traffic Management Office, near Makati City Hall.

There was a short argument because the sister of the Innova driver were kind of arrogant and immediately demanded for the hospital‘s receipt. I wanted to tell her that I wasn’t really there to reimburse what I spent on my kids’ check-up. I just wanted to go home! But I only thought of the taxi driver who is not allowed to go home by the police officers until the victims appear and settle the case.

I decided to make things easier for the rest of us. I just got what I paid for my kids’ check-up. The driver, I think, felt relieved. I just hope he learned his lesson. If he victimized a more unforgiving person, he either would have a case filed against him or pay a substantial amount for damages.

The Toyota Innova's damage
I talked to the taxi driver for a while and left the precinct grateful that we were all still alive and okay.

The taxi's damage
On our way home, I looked back at all the things that happened two hours ago. I thought, what if the taxi was also in a hurry? The Innova would have hit the taxi‘s body and gravely hurt us. I just can’t imagine! It was so evident that the Lord is taking care of us. The kids said a thank-you prayer when we ate our late lunch.

And though Toyota claims everybody loves Innova, I don’t think I would like to own one. Don’t think that I hold grudges against tangible things! It was, after all, the driver’s fault that Innova was introduced to me in a very unkind manner. Id’ rather have Honda CR-V or Hyundai Tucson. I love their features better!


chubskulit said...

Go for Honda CRV Mommy Beth heheh. We love Honda!

I am glad that allof you weren't hurt that bad. THe nerve of that woman to be arrogant where in it's their fault. Kakaloka!

pinayrichmom said...

Thank God you're all safe. God is good. Stay safe mommy!

Kero said...

mabait ka Mommy, that is why God protects you and your family.

any Japanese or Korean car will do and have the same damage (that's why they sell far more cheaper)....if you like, opt for an American car or a European brand.

Mommy Liz said...

I am glad that your are all OK. I know that having accident like that can be traumatic. So, who's at fault? was it the driver of the taxi of the Innova??

Tetcha said...

That's was really scary, Beth! Good thing you and your kids were not severely hurt. God is good indeed!

Daddy said...

Whew...So glad that all of you were OK. Thank God!

Beng Gee said...

Am glad that the three of you are safe! But Beth, please don't hate the Innove for the fault of the reckless driver. I love Innova. It's a nice car. really is!

Reena said...

oh my. how are the kids now? i hope they're okay.

good thing wala masyadong nangyari sa inyo and yung cars lang ang may sira. and i hope both drivers learned their lessons too. :(

Beth said...

@Rose: Oo nga, kakaloka! Thanks for the visit, Rose!

@PRMmom: Thanks, Yes we will stay safe! :)

@Kero: Thanks for the compliment. Hehehe, di ko kaya American or European brand na car! :)

@Liz: Kasalanan ng Innova driver. Naka-Go na un taxi, pero naghabol ng red light un Innova driver. :( Yes, we're okay. Thanks! :)

@Tetcha: God is good, and takes care of us! :) Thanks for the concern! :)

@Daddy: Yes, thank God! Thanks for the visit, too! It's been a while!

@Ate Beng: Oo nga, maganda siya! Pero gusto ko talaga CR-V, Ate Beng. hehehe! :0

@Reena: Yes, I hope they both learned their lessons. Thanks for the visit, Reena! :)