Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Hops and Stops

Classes began today for most of the schools here. But my kids’ classes began last week. I kind of worried because they might not have enjoyed the vacation that much. But from the number of places they went to last summer, I believe they had enough of it!

We went to Bagac, Bataan last April. The kids had so much fun because we went island-hopping! Let me share with you some highlights of that impromptu trip.

Prior to going there, I searched online for some good beach resorts. I even called their offices to ask for rates and amenities. But they all said that they were already fully-booked. I was discouraged but we decided to still push through with the plan. Our being adventurous paid off. We found Sun Spree Beach Resort just beside all the resorts I called up the day before! And they're not "densely populated" by beach hoppers! :)

Sun Spree Beach Resort in Bagac, Bataan: the owners are just so friendly and accommodating!
Gabby and Sunday loved this beach!
Beach outings will not be complete without anything inihaw and fresh fruits!
My first time to catch and hold a jellyfish! Too bad it died immediately. Sorry, jellyfish! :(
During the island hopping, the boatmen asked if we want to go to a cave, and we said yes!
So he brought us here, one of the many caves found along Bagac shoreline.
One of the last stops of the island hopping was this unnamed cove. I wanted to spend the night there
because the place was so beautiful but the boatmen warned us that the place has no electricity
and clean water yet. If only I have enough money, I would buy a portion of this cove and build my resthouse! :)

I believe the kids had fun last summer. Fred and I had, too! :)


Chris said...

im sure they enjoyed their summer! :D

Tita Beng said...

Hello Beth! Glad to see back! Bagac is truly a lovely beach place! Inggit naman ako sa Outing ninyo kasi I haven't seen that little cave yet. But I think we've been to that unnamed cove you mentioned. And I wrote about it on my post titled "Bagac's Hidden Treasure" dated Oct. 14, 2008. Na -miss ko tuloy ang beach ng Bagac! Ganda 'no?!!
I hope to see you more often now, Beth! 'Will stand by for more postings of yours while on hibernation!

See you again Beth! Good day!

Clarissa said...

Mas maganda pag walang masyadong tao,solo nyo ang paradise dyan!I bet the kids had a blast and so are you and hubby.^_^

Glad to hear from you again,Mommy Beth!!^_^

his unfailing love said...

this looks great... love the place, enjoyed seeing all the pictures.

Ria said...

Ang ganda naman ng place! I should make a point to visit our own country on my vacation next time. Malapit-lapit na... :)

I'm glad your family had fun. At least their summer was not wasted sitting at home ;)

Nice to see you back! I missed you sis!!!

Ria C
It's My Party
Handmade with Love

JiLL said...

Woah~ So many must-see sites. Bagac is indeed a nice spot to do escapades! Hihihi~ too bad classes are starting and have to send your children to school. ^^

Hi Beth, it's been a while since I last visited, I was busy doing school tasks and yeah, kinda stopped blogging for a while. But I am back :D
I hope you could visited mine soon. Take care. ^^

Reena said...

talagng sinulit mo ang summer ha. :) i havent been there. sana makapunta din ako one of these days

Raft3r said...

happy dads day ke pareng fred!

Tetcha said...

It sure looked like your entire family had so much fun at your unplanned summer getaway. I'm sure the kids really enjoyed that trip.

jojigirl said...

what a happy family!

Enchie said...

Hi Beth! Sarap ng naging summer nyo with the food and the location. I haven't been to Bataan, sana yan naman maging next destination namin :)