Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Resorting To Email Marketing

Being a work at home mom, I also have fears regarding the stability of my work. Freelancers like me have peak seasons or those times when I have so many projects that sleep is sometimes a luxury. But on lean times, which happen more frequently now that we are experiencing economic crisis, I have to think of ways to have more clients.

Having worked in the marketing departments of different companies before, I must say that I have first-hand knowledge of what to do. The marketing managers I’ve worked for were just some of the best in the industry and I’ve learned so much from them. They always let me and my co-graphic designer, if any, join the sales and marketing meetings not only because we are the ones in-charge of executing their marketing plans through our designs of promotional materials but also because they want to share their knowledge with us.

Advertising and Marketing were also tackled in college but I still believe theories are not enough. I learned then about some of my best loved marketing strategies which are direct mails and e-mail marketing. Promotional messages are sent directly to target markets and they are way cheaper than TV commercials or billboards.

I think I have to resort to e-blasts if I need to. It’s time to apply those theories!


Reena said...

i guess it works for your kind of job. but for my industry, it's not always working. in fact i rarely receive promotional mails. we do use emails to correspond, but not to promote a project, a service or a product.

goodluck on the e-blast (whatever that is) hehe...

Raft3r said...

lahat ng pwedeng gawin para umasenso, game ako dyan
hi, beth
balik na ako sa blogging world
wto at nognog na

Enchie said...

My last visit at the Manila Zoo was also my chance to touch a snake for the first time. Dinaig oa ako ng little boy ko.

Kahit luma na ang Manila Zoo, masarap balikan :)