Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Market Communications For Your Business

One of my clients is someone who once dreamt of having her own medical insurance company. Having been in the industry for over ten years, she thought now is the time to have one. When most entrepreneurs would rather keep their money and wait for a better time, she’d rather take the risks and invest in this business.

The last time I visited her at her office, I saw communications gadgets and equipments for receiving calls and voice recording which I knew later would be for her call center department. And it dawned on me: medical insurance companies should have their in-house call center for efficient and round-the-clock customer service.

I was amazed at how she has planned her communications and call center department so well! She’s really into details and her choice of equipments is exemplary. She once told me that when one has a service-related business, high performance level equipments, high speed data solutions and applications should be thought of. Did she ask the help of a reliable telecommunications provider like Market Communications? I really think so. For if not, she ought to try tapping this company's services. It offers diverse solutions options and a wide variety of voice platforms and networks that caters to different business needs.

Having worked for a communications department of a company before, I know how important having reliable communications equipment and solutions is. It's good to know my client knows that well enough, too.


Anonymous said...

good luck sayo..and more power....

onlinemommy said...

Hi Mommy Beth,

Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated dearie. My daughter is only two years old, and yes I explained to her that those things happened but just not sure if she already understood it. But at her age, I already started teaching her the word sorry, because I know in reality, it is inevitable that we hurt others even if we tried our best not to.

Thank you for adding me. I will also add yours.

God Bless.